Monday October 8, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.

Franklin Homestead Dining Room


Members Present: Jes Alexant, Marshall Ploof, Brooks Sturtevant and Sara Rainville, secretary.


Guests: Yvon Dandurand, selectboard member, John Kiernan, Otter Creek Engineering and Ken Yelsey, State of Vermont.


The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Jes Alexant. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Agenda Amendments:

Add board assignments before “Other Business”, all members in favor.


Public Comments:



Approve Minutes:

Brooks/Marshall made the motion to approve the September 10, 2018 minutes; all in favor, motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report & Budget Prep:

FY19 trial balance to-date was reviewed, current checking account balance $54,572.02.


A warrant with supporting invoices totaling $4414.36 was submitted for review and signatures by the members. Discussion was had.


A warrant with supporting invoices totaling $1222.44 was submitted for review and signatures by the members. Discussion was had.


Sara stated that there are 6 users still outstanding from the July 1, 2018 billing in the amount of $1050 plus late fees.  She will be sending out disconnect notices on October 15, 2018, last day to pay will be October 29; shut offs will happen the week of October 29, 2018 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.; Sara will coordinate with Jeremy Barnum to do disconnects when needed.


Sara reminded members that budget prep should be started as the FY20 budget will be due to the selectboard for Town Report the end of December.


Drought Status Update:

Jes thanked Marshall for the last month of daily help with the water system and the drought and also for all his years assisting with the water system.  The reservoir is back up to over 10’ as of 6:00 p.m. tonight. Eight loads of water were hauled into the system over 2 weeks.  Marshall noted that leaks are still being reported around Town; all the leaks he is aware of have been repaired.


A temporary back up water supply source with an existing personal well in Town for an emergency source was discussed with Ken Yelsey.  Ken also discussed the Hubbard Spring location and use.   The board reviewed local wells & depths from a map supplied by John Kiernan, the maps are available online through a State of Vermont website.




Source Protection & Alternate Water Sources:

Ken Yelsey stated the main goal of the Source Protection Plan is to protect the spring.  Zoning restrictions in Town were discussed.  The State of Vermont also has requirements that would be reviewed on a case by case basis for any person doing a project by the Town’s spring.


The loan component from the State Revolving Fund was discussed in regards to purchasing land for an emergency water source or for a larger area around the existing spring.


Ken noted that the board can submit a short letter to him on the current source protection plan and that they are also working on a more in depth one to be submitted at a later time.


Ken doesn’t recommend using another spring as an emergency water source during drought conditions as it too could be low.  He suggested a well for an emergency source. 


Water Sampling:

The September coliform samples were completed 9/26/18.  There was also sampling done for acidity, solids, alkalinity and hardness by Otter Creek. The lead and copper samples that were required were completed 9/26/18.


Water Rates:

The board discussed current rates with John in regards to the upcoming project. No action was taken, the board will discuss at a later meeting.


Project Update:

The draft preliminary report was reviewed by John Kiernan from Otter Creek Engineering. Options were discussed for:

            -metering: separate structure, dry heated space with electrical elements

            -chlorinating: standby option

            -Overflow-locations discussed and treated vs not treated

            -corrosion control-limestone chip contact


Cost was discussed. Estimate for construction $150,000, $200,000 for entire project. John will work on needed items versus items that can be constructed at a later time; he will have updated numbers to the board when they are available.


O & M Manual Update:

Jes will complete this month.



Marshall stated that Jeremy Barnum and Andy Godin are taking the operator course and that they have both been assisting Marshall with repairs and drought issues as they occurred. They will continue to assist Marshall as needed and with monthly sampling.


Jes/Brooks made the motion to pay Marshall Ploof the base operator pay that the previous operator had been receiving until the new operator has completed the class and receives his license. Motion passed 2-1.


Jes will send a letter to Mark Brouillette advising him that the Franklin Water District no longer needs his services and also thank him for staying on for the past couple months.  He will ask him to return any items that he has that belong to the water system.


Sara will update the State with current operator information.



Land Purchase:

All members in favor of tabling item to a later date.


Water Commission Assignments:

Due to recent health concerns, Jes resigned as a water commissioner effective October 31, 2018; he will finish up some letters and reports from the board first. He will be available to consult with the board when needed. Jes will submit a formal resignation letter to the Town Clerk’s Office.


Board members will give replacement names to the selectboard for consideration to fill open water commissioner position.


Brooks & Marshall thanked Jes for all his service and knowledge.


Other Business:

-Tank cleaning: Brooks will follow-up with Paula Jackson from Earthwater about rescheduling until spring.

-The boil water recommendation that was previously issued by the Water District has been removed; the board is still advising to continue to conserve water where possible and to continue to check for leaks & report them to the Town Clerk’s Office. The boards hope is that continuing to conserve will prevent a future conserve water notice.

-LCCA water spigot on the Fire Station was discussed. Will discuss further at the November water meeting.





The next regular monthly meeting will be November 12, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Town Clerk’s Office.


Motion made to adjourn the meeting by Brooks/Jes, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.



Sara Rainville

October 14, 2018


These minutes are not official until approved at the Water Commissions next regular meeting.

These minutes were approved November 12, 2018.