Franklin Selectboard Meeting

May 16, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Town Clerk’s Office


Call to order / pledge of allegiance

At 6:01pm Peter M called the meeting to Order and all recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Agenda amendments are as follows: under item #8 Town Clerk concerns add Dog complaint and Fiscal Services school contract; under item #10 add Gauge at Dewing Bridge outlet.


Present: Peter Magnant, Andy Godin, Brooks Sturtevant, David Bennion, Yvon Dandurand and Lisa Larivee and Sandi Murphy (minute taker)

Guests: Corey Parent (State Rep); Pam Greene (Historical Society); Jordy Fraties; Kevin Russin; Rusty Russin; and Norman Kern


Public Comment Period

Pam Greene talked about the County wide Historical Society meeting that was featured in the St. Albans Messenger newspaper held in Franklin. It was a huge success and there was some unsolicited praise for the Town and the Selectboard. Someone mentioned how well maintained the Town buildings were, warranting kudos for the Franklin Selectboard. Pam also asked if the SB wanted her to ask the Sandy Bay Association if the weed harvester can empty their weeds in the Sandy Bay beach area. The SB said they would be in touch with her after further discussion.


Approve minutes of April 27th, 2018

Brooks S/ Dave B made a motion to approve the minutes of April 27th, 2018 as presented. Yvon abstained, motion carried and the minutes are approved.


Corey Parent - State Representative

Corey Parent introduced himself. He asked the SB what they look for in a State Senator.  He explained S- 260 (water quality bill)  and the State Budget Bill and the Gun Bills. Peter M asked Rep. Parent if he drove to Franklin via Route 120. He said, yes. Peter M told him how the SB has been trying to get this road repair work on the State list with no results. Rep. Parent said he would talk with Transportation Committee folks about it. Also the SB said Franklin needs cell service.  Rep Parent thanked the SB for their time and input.


Review and sign bills

All SB members reviewed and signed off on the bills.


Junk ordinance violations- parties involved

Kevin and Rusty Russin were present and Norman Kern. The SB had received a written complaint from a town resident concerned about junk at certain properties.  Peter M explained that the SB has an obligation to respond to all written complaints. (And the Town of Franklin does have a Junk Ordinance.) Peter M explained that the SB would like to see the parties make an effort to clean up and store unregistered vehicles inside or out of sight from the road. Everyone was invited to come back to the June 20th SB Meeting to report their progress. Mr. Kern said he is working on picking up his place over time. He plans on planting a vegetative style fence for cover. He has taken three loads to the transfer station so far. He agreed to continue his efforts.


Highway Department

•     Loader review - the Road Commissioner and the road crew favors the Case loader. The SB went over the specs list. The SB decided to have the John Deere salesperson come and present his product. They will take this up again at the next meeting.

•     Sidewalk Bid opening/ review - one bid was received from Messier Concrete for $48,500. Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to deny the bid. All were in favor and the motion carried. Lisa asked for permission to apply for the feasibility grant to study the other side of the street which is a 20% matching grant. Brooks S/ Dave B made a motion to apply for the VTRANS grant. Peter signed a letter of support to attach with the grant.   All were in favor, motion carried.

•     Hay land bid opening - no bids received.

•     Highway lot storm drainage - Northwest Regional Planning Commission has funding for the project.   Lisa will call some gutter businesses to get quotes; she is also working with Amanda at NRPC on spec/design to bid the front lot work.  The highway crew will do some of the work themselves.

•     Paving bids - contract - Jeremy was asked to reach out to Pike for a new contract without the sections that were applied for the grant; which was not awarded. Table this until the June meeting when Jeremy is present.

•     Driveway permits - K Yandow (a developer) is doing 6 lots with 3 driveways. The Planning Commission approved the driveways designs with 24 inch culverts. Andy signed off on the approval of the driveway permits.  Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to name the driveway/road, accessing three homes, Mountain View Drive. All were in favor and the motion carried. 


Town Clerk concerns

* Bike/Pedestrain grant for sidewalk feasibility - this was decided earlier under Highway Dept.

•     Rec.Dept.- Summer Camp - K Rouleau and Town Hall use. The SB decided the $25 a day town hall use fee needs to be charged.  The Rec Dept will also be responsible for paying the w/c exposure fee for Kathy.

•     Mandy Gates - Volunteer/ community project- Mandy’s sister is getting married and for the bridal shower she asked the guests to “pitch in” to do a Town community project. They are asking the Town what needs to be done. The SB decided the Bandstand could be painted or the flower bed at the Town garage could be cleaned up. Lisa will let them know.

•     Dog complaint- from the FedEx truck driver. There is a boxer type dog at 52 Rock Maple Road that is aggressive and needs to be kept contained on the property. The dog is not licensed. Peter M said a letter will be sent to the dog owner and ask the animal control officer to make a visit.

•     Fiscal services school contract - Lisa went over this with the SB members. The contract needs to be signed before July 1, 2018.  Will be warned for the next board meeting to take action.


Old Business

Park and Ride ordinance review/ adoption - this draft was discussed at the last meeting. Peter M read it aloud. Brooks S/Dave B made a motion to adopt Article 10 to the Road Ordinance. All were in favor and the motion carried.


New Business

·         Town Plan and Energy - review changes/amendments; Dave B said the Planning Commission had a hearing and now the SB needs to have a Public Hearing. The SB will look into this.


·         Weed Harvester operators – Brooks S and Andy G will work out a schedule.


·         John Ho - solar net metered system – Dave B explained the status.


·         Gauge at Dewing Bridge outlet – Andy G said permission is needed for State DEC to set the gauge to monitor the level of the lake. The SB is OK with the setting of the gauge.


Selectboard folder

Peter M went thru the folder.


Member concerns

Andy G - none

Brooks S - wants to see better cell phone service in Franklin

Dave B - Septic tank issue at the Town garage - has it been fixed?

Yvon D - does the state know where we are on the Park and Ride? Peter M said yes they do. Also, the boards at the dam - where are we with that? Are we looking at trees that may need to be cut? Has anyone talked with Jim Cota on the Quarry purchase?

Peter M- a hydraulic study may be needed on the Hanna Road.


Next meeting date is June 6, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Town clerk office


At 9:17 pm Brooks S/ Dave B made a motion to adjourn. All were in Favor and the motion carried.



Respectfully submitted by,

Sandi Murphy, minute taker

May 18, 2018


These minuets are not official until approved at the next regular Selectboard meeting.