Franklin Town Selectboard Meeting

December 06, 2017 at 7:00pm

Town Clerk’s Office


Present: Peter Magnant, Yvon Dandurand, Brooks Sturtevant, Ed Rainville, Andy Godin, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk/Treasurer and Sandi Murphy (minute taker)


Guests: Kim Gates (Park and Ride agreement); Sara Rainville (911 address issue);Bob Irish (Zoning Administrator) and Jeremy Barnum (Road Foreman)


At 7:00 pm Peter M called the meeting to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Agenda amendments are as follows: we will do item #11 Park and Ride agreement while Kim is here; item #7 will move to item #3; and under item #12 New Business we will add Guy Roberge concerning sidewalk snow removal.


Public Comment Period – Lisa Larivee passed out Budget sheets for the SB to review. And Lisa said the Health Insurance needs to be discussed and decided soon due to a 12-15-2017 deadline. Lisa went over the differences between BC/BS and MVP.


Old Business – Kim Gates Maynard went over the latest draft of the agreement and passed out copies to the SB members for their review and comment. May need a Town Ordinance on how to handle safety concerns if there are issues in the future. The SB thanked her for her time and effort. They will review the draft.


911 Coordinator- Sara Rainville explained the issue for a Franklin resident that needs a 911 address and is located on a legal trail with no name. The only access to their property is through Highgate’s Bouchard Road. Our road needs to be named something different. The SB suggested Sara reach out to the Highgate SB for a solution and get back to the Franklin SB.


Robert Irish – zoning violations update. Robert said there are three ongoing violations. St.Onge and Larry Tittemore on Patten Shore; William Spear on Vic’s Crossing. Letters of Notice of the violations have been sent out. On the Spear’s issue the ZBA is meeting to address a variance. The St. Onge letter is being sent out of state. They have a shed that does not have a Permit and does not meet setbacks. They have until June 1st to comply. The Tittemore issue has been turned over to the State for Shoreline setback issues, they have structures with no Permits. They have until June 1st to comply. The ZA will keep the SB updated.

Brooks asked Mr. Irish if the Town has any exposure on the Bertrand wetland issue. Bob feels it is a state issue. Peter M mentioned that the ZBA board needs two more members if Bob knows of anyone willing to serve. Bob asked the SB to consider “sun setting “ all the old septic permits that were approved by the Town 15-20 years ago.


No one was present from the Rec. Dept. to discuss the Town Hall use and/or storage.


Approve Minutes of the November 15, 2017 Meeting – Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Vote taken, all in Favor, motion carried.


Highway Department

·         Quarry lease/ info – Yvon D talked with Marc Dandurand about the town purchasing the Quarry. The Selectboard feels the price will be too high. Further discussion tabled until 2018.

·         Budget needs- Jeremy has a quote on a Case loader similar to the one the Town has now. Yvon D has a quote on a John Deere loader with trade in. The John Deere is lower priced. Jeremy thinks we need more gravel in the budget.


Town Clerk concerns

·         the ZBA needs two more members. Peter M/Yvon D made a motion to appoint Polly Gadbois as an interim ZBA member. Vote taken, all in Favor, motion carried.

·         Property Insurance review – Peter M went over the numbers with the SB. It was agreed to change the sand shed/salt shed values and leave the Town Clerk/Library building as is.

·         Dog complaint – a letter has been received from the property owner at 4420 State Park Road. It seems that Adam Bowler’s dog is not registered and has been doing damage at the State Park Road property. There were photos of the damage. The SB decided to send a certified letter to the dog owner and alert Dennis Demer, Animal
Control Officer.

·         Town Hall electrical issues – Peter M will talk to Dave Bennion about this. Andy G and Ed R will go to the Town Hall and research the problem.


Budgeting – Health Insurance renewals

After some discussion the SB decided to move the Health Insurance from BC/BS to MVP.


Review and Sign bills – all SB members reviewed and signed off on the bills.


New Business – Guy Roberge is willing to shovel the sidewalks for the library and Town Clerk office. The SB is fine with this.


The Selectboard Folder was reviewed. Notice of the ZBA meeting for 12-28-2017.  Notice to abutters from the Franklin United Church who needs a new septic leach field design.


Member Concerns

Peter M asked the SB members to go over the budget info given them by Lisa L. Peter M went over the Park and Ride agreement and the SB suggested a few changes.

Peter M will not be here for the 1-17-2018 meeting. It was agreed the January meeting would be 1-03-2018 at the Town Clerk’s office at 6:00 pm.

Yvon D – has concerns about the water quality. Yvon D asked if Franklin could get a grant to help with housing the aerators proposed. No answers yet.

Brooks S – asked if the SB wanted to celebrate with some Holiday food before the next meeting. Peter M suggested they get together a half hour earlier to share some Holiday goodies. Brooks S mentioned the Gift cards need to be purchased.

Andy G- none.

Ed R – concerning the water quality at the Lake – is there anything we can do over the winter?


The next meeting will be December 20, 2017 at the Town Clerk’s office at 7:00 pm. (Come early for Holiday goodies).


At 9:43 pm Brooks S/Andy G made a motion to adjourn. Vote taken, all in Favor, motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Murphy (minute taker)


These minutes are not official until approved at the next Selectboard meeting.

These minutes were approved at the December 20, 2017 Selectboard meeting.