Franklin Selectboard Meeting

April 27, 2018 at 11:00 am

Haston Library


Call to order: pledge of allegiance at 11:15 A.m.


Present: Dave Bennion, Brooks Sturtevant, Andy Godin, Peter Magnant, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk 


Guests: Jeremy Barnum and Jake Dandurand, Highway Dept; Kirk Artus, Beauregard Equipment; Bethany Remmers, NRPC,Jim Cota and Steve Stanley, VTtrans Dist #8


Agenda amendments:  Town clerk concerns:  add Jenny’s Barn permits, Karen Bates from ANR and M. Silva Estate.


Public Comment Period: None


Approval of minutes from April 4th; Brooks/Andy made a motion to approve minutes as written.  All members voted in favor, motion passed.


REVIEW AND SIGN BILLS:  All members reviewed and signed bills.


LOADER REVIEW – Kirk Artus from Beauregard Equipment was welcomed to discuss the Case loader.  Jeremy and Jake shared their thoughts on the Case vs. John Deere loaders that they tried out.  The John Deere seemed to be under powered; Case was easy to run, rides well and easy to service as everything was in one compartment unit.  Kirk states as a resident he also wants the best value for the town as well.  Has worked for Beauregard’s since 1984 and selling equipment since 1999; they have been in business for 50 years, this year. They have a new line of screens and stone crushers coming to the company as well as clear air street sweepers as loader attachments.  Equipment specs: best visibility with clear site line; Fiate power train engine; better fuel economy; emissions compliant with stage 5 standards; best standard warranty with Case care- 3 years/3000 hours with free service and inspection; reviewed service costs vs. coverage of warranty; automatic limited slip axel; external brakes.  If there is a breakdown, will be fixed within 24 hours or will get a lender to use, realize we are small and only have one loader on site.  Discussed price of the base model 521G as we tried out, with options that can be added as needed.  Peter advised Kirk, when the entire board is present they will review all the information given and price options and be in touch with him. 


Town Clerk concerns:

·        Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) - Lisa reviewed the plan that needs to be updated annually and adopted by the board.  This is the plan that would be followed if there was a town wide emergency and the local support/mutual aid available as needed.  Brooks/Dave made a motion to adopt the 2018 EOP and Peter to sign off on it.  All members voted in favor, motion passed and signed by Peter.

·        Statewide parcel mapping-the State is funding a state wide parcel mapping GIS project to get all the towns in a data base and using the same standards for parcel mapping.  We will take part in this summer’s project to update what we currently have in place at no cost to the town. 

·        Town Hall user agreement-Lisa advised of the updates that were made; do not put trash in the church dumpster and taking care not to damage town property as you are liable and will be billed for damages.  Brooks/Dave made a motion to accept the updates and have Peter sign the agreement.  All members voted in favor, motion passed and Peter signed.

·        LCCA-Memorial Park use for the Army band concert on July 7th at the end of the Celebrate Lake Carmi events.  The board is fine with the use of Memorial Park by the LCCA and advised that the Recreation Dept may want to be involved in the event as well.  Lisa will notify the Rec Dept and do a letter to LCCA for Peter to sign. 

·        Jenny’s Barn has submitted six catering/liquor permits for weddings this summer.  Lisa advised she is able to approve and sign them, just likes the board to be aware of the events.  They are following the conditions imposed on the barn location.

·        Karen Bates with ANR has been in touch about doing erosion control work on TH#33 off of State Park Rd.  This is an untraveled class 4 road that leads toward the lake just north of the State Park entrance.  Karen has also spoken with the Larose’s about permission to do work and they are fine with it.  The board advised they have no concerns with work being done on the TH#33 by ANR.

·        Town Clerk has been contacted by an attorney handling the Estate of Margaret Silva, whom lived at the Homestead for about three years before her death.  She leaves no heirs to her estate and there are funds remaining.  The attorney advised statute reads that when no heirs are left, the funds are donated to the school in the town which they last resided.  The board will need to petition the court for the funds once it is settled and expenses are paid.  The board approves of petitioning for the remaining funds.  The Town Clerk will be in touch with the attorney.


Old Business:

·           Junk Ordinance letters sent:  Lisa advised that Mr. Kern has been in to speak with her about meeting with the board.  He will be at the May 16 meeting.  Lisa has not heard from Ms. Russin, but will reach out to her to invite her to the May 16 meeting as well.

·        Park & Ride Ordinance: the park and ride has been reopened per the agreement with Franklin Telephone and the Town.  Need to contact Wayne Davis at VTrans to advice of the opening.  An ordinance needs to be written as requested by Franklin Telephone.  We have added an article to the Road/Traffic ordinance as follows:


                        The public Park and Ride facility located at the end of Homestead Drive                                       shall be for daily commuter parking only.  This ordinance shall prohibit                                           overnight parking, abandoned vehicles and any vehicles located on the                                        Park and Ride lot being used as residences (camping) by any person.                                          There shall be no loitering by any group of people in the Park and Ride lot.

                  The board reviewed the language and will warn for public comments/review                                       at the next meeting on May 16th before adopting the ordinance. 


Bethany Remmers-NRPC-Systemic Safety Program:  Bethany advised this State program is looking for a town recommended by NRPC to participate in making dangerous curves better.  They send out an engineer to review suggested curves and install necessary signs.  The town needs to do a letter of intent for take over and maintenance of the signs.  Brooks/Andy made a motion to participate in the 2018 program and Peter signed the agreement for Bethany-NRPC.  All members voted in favor, motion passed.   Jeremy will review with Bethany a project to complete the Grant-In-Aid funding from NRPC on road erosion control. 


HIGHWAY REVIEW:  Jim Cota and Steve Stanley from VTrans Dist #8 were welcomed to the meeting. 

·        Peter asked Jim about the gravel/stone pit that the town has been researching in town for our use.  Jim advised the state would be willing to buy stone from the town.  MSHA certification for mines/pits would need to be acquired by the highway crew guys.  Need fencing around the pit for safety, VOSHA inspection, McCulla is a company that crushes stone.   Need to look at Act 250 permits needed and be sure to review with the Town attorney before committing to purchase or lease.

·        Rte 120 needs much work and is not on the list for work by 2020.  Jim advises to review the “VTransparency” website for town updated info.  Bethany Remmers has spoken with the TAC group about rating the project for funding.  Jim advised we need to push our State Reps to get funding for this repair as it needs to be completely reconstructed. 

·        Morses Line Rd culvert discussion.  Bethany will look at ranking of bridge over 20 ft and request a hydraulic study.  Transportation and water quality concerns of projects over $250,000 or more; do letter for request with water quality concerns, failed due to being too small and erosion concerns.  Need to acquire a Federal charge # for the project.  It was repaired to maintain culvert for now but will eventually need to be replaced. 

·        Hanna Rd culvert-email to Jim Cota to request a hydraulic study.  We should apply for a structure grant with the State for replacement.  Were denied a Transportation alternative grant this spring. 

·        Class 4 roads with culverts- speak with Bethany for NRPC funding on replacements of these culverts if needed.

·        Sidewalks on Main St.-have gotten a grant to do resurfacing on East side to town hall.  Would like to do engineering study or something with safety on Main St in front of the store and apartment house.  Peter advised this is a safety concern. Bethany advised to speak with Sue Scribner at VTrans for sidewalk work.  Grants are due June 22 for a feasibility study with an 80/20 match.  There is an web training on May 8 from 1-3 pm.  Bethany will send info to the office. 

·        Main St/Middle Rd/Lake Rd intersection continues to be a concern.  It was discussed on what to do here; Jim stated a study was done and some changes need to be made.  Need to keep asking for funding for this project as well.  E-mail to Jim regarding the traffic safety concerns.  Bethany advised NRPC may have funding for a feasibility study to be done.  Jim advised need to get an 1111 permit for the town to do work here. 

·        Jim will speak with Tylor at VTrans to do a sign review of the changes on Lake Rd for speed concerns.

·        Park and Ride signs-need to get an 1111 permit to Jim to install open signs on the State Rd/Rte 120.

·        Grader training-speak with Stu Johnson at VT Local Roads to set that up.

·        Jim advised the highway crew must document everything done on the town roads and take pictures when doing all work; culverts, digging and stone lining ditches,  applying gravel or stone to roads, ect.  This is to cover the town should there be a FEMA disaster and the town looks for assistance to cover costs; need to prove to them what our roads looked like and their condition.

·        Paving projects-reviewed Hanna Rd from corner of Browns Corner past A Davis and from Highgate line back to Beaver Meadow Rd and Gallup Rd from Lake Rd to the 4-corners.  Have budgeted for approx. 1500 tons for paving.  Will not get any paving grants this year.


New business:  None


Selectboard folder: None


Member concerns:

Dave B has been working on the town clock, it is working know and he will continue to monitor and adjust.  


Next meeting date is may 16, 2018 at the Town clerk’s office at 6:00 pm


At 2:10 pm Brooks S/Dave B made a motion to adjourn. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

May 3, 2018


These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular Selectboard meeting. 

These minutes were approved at the May 16, 2018 Selectboard meeting.