Franklin Planning Commission

FELCO Room Franklin Homestead
Agenda for March 20, 2018



7:30 p.m. Call to order

• Approval of minutes

• Old Business
Discussion of all old business

• New Business

1) 7:45 – Keane Yandow and Donald & Tiffany Kennedy are requesting a sketch plan review for a subdivision in which they have submitted an application for a 6 lot subdivision and boundary line adjustment for property located at 1050 Kendall Rd in Franklin.)


2) Discussion on Enhanced energy plan Town plan and Development plan

Attached is a full draft of the amended Franklin Town Plan.  Here is a summary of changes:

  1. Energy Goals and Policies have been updated to reflect the goals and policies in the draft Enhanced Energy Plan (p. 7 and 8).
  2. Chapter 9 – Energy has been completely replaced with the draft Enhanced Energy Plan.
  3. In Table 15.1 (p. 87-88), the “tasks” for the energy chapter have been completely replaced with the “implementation actions” from the draft Enhanced Energy Plan.

3)ROW-Corey Road

4)Election of officers


• Public Comments
concerns of members or community

Next Meeting April 17, 2018