Although it is the Town’s policy to use special care and consideration when plowing in the vicinity of mailboxes, the Town will not repair or replace, mailboxes or mailbox posts damaged by snow or ice clearing operations.  Heavy snow coming off the plow blade will often knock over and damage mailboxes/posts that have not been adequately mounted and maintained or braced, or those mailboxes with doors left open.


Mail Box Reimbursement Request Procedures

If you feel that your mailbox or mailbox post was adequately mounted and braced, please submit a written request for reimbursement.  All requests for reimbursement of a damaged box/post shall be in writing to the Select Board, and shall include the date, time, location and cause of the incident and submit photographs showing the damage. 


If the Road Foreman determines that the mailbox damage was a result of direct contact from a Town vehicle, and not the result of other factors, such as a decayed post or the accumulation of snow, the owner of the mailbox shall be entitled to a maximum reimbursement of $50.00.


Mail Box Standards and Specifications

All new mail boxes installed under this policy shall be an approved US Post Office mail box and installed per the US Post Office mailbox guidelines. 


Final Reimbursement of a damaged mailbox shall not be made until the new mailbox is installed and the location is approved by the Road Foreman.  The owner of the mailbox shall provide a receipt of the purchase of the new mail box and all materials associated.


Adopted by the Selectboard

March 21 2018


Peter Magnant

Brooks Sturtevant

Andrew Godin

David Bennion

Yvon Dandurand


Document with selectboard signatures on file in the Town Clerk’s Office.