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From the 2017 Town of Franklin Annual Report:



    The Franklin Historical Society (FHS) had another extraordinarily busy year as we worked diligently to keep Franklin's history alive for our residents in 2017.  Our current FHS Board members are Bryant J. Reynolds, President; Kimberly Gates Maynard, Vice President; Carole Richard, Treasurer; Sue Clark, Secretary and Nancy Magnant, Documents Curator. Other contributors to our FHS activities are the Ploof family, Burt Maynard, Carolyn Kittell, David Samson, Ruth Ann Krayesky, Pam Greene, David Bennion, Guy Roberge, and Priscilla Tiralla.      


Our projects for 2017 included the following:

            1. We finished the chinking-and-daubing of the exterior of the cabin with perma-chinking.  This

project was completed because of a generous donation from the Franklin Telephone Company,

which is greatly appreciated!

            2. Our 501-C3 designation was once again restored due to the persistent hard work of Sue Clark

and Carole Richard.

            3. The digitizing of the MOLECULE was completed under the leadership of Carole

Richard.  Now all Franklin High School graduates can go on-line to review those "happy days."

            4. Our MEMORIAL DAY float honored the 100th anniversary of America's entry into World

War I.

            5. We presented historical programs for the Franklin Central School and the Cub Scouts.

            6. Nancy Magnant collected, presented, and displayed historical information to honor the 200th

anniversary of Franklin's Congregation Church.

            7. David Bennion did a beautiful job photographing the Town Hall's painted curtain and then mounting

the picture and a write-up of the curtain's history so it can be appreciated by all.

            8. Carole Richard and Kimberly Gates Maynard researched and provided updated information on

Franklin's historical homes for the Planning Commission to update the Town Plan.

Some of our future goals are:

            1. FHS plans to restore the Franklin Summer Schedule.

            2.  Make period costumes to be worn for our various programs.

            3.  Discuss and try to resolve the chair storage at the town hall and the possibility of also adding

curtains to the windows to improve the acoustics.

4. FHS will host a Franklin County wide meeting of historical societies in the spring 2018.

We cannot close this report without special mention of our cabin's lawn and landscaping care. For many years, the Grennon Family took great care of the cabin's lawn but in 2017 Guy Roberge took over these duties. Many, many thanks, Guy!!!!!

Finally, FHS would like to thank everyone who contributed to keeping Franklin history alive in 2017. We are always looking for more volunteers to come and join us!!! 

Respectfully submitted,

Bryant J. Reynolds