THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2020 @ 6:00 P.M.

Zoom virtual hearing


PRESENT: Jim Pivirotto, Paulette Tatro, Robert Irish, Wesley Kempton


GUESTS: Kylie Haynes; Lisa Larivee, Town clerk; Dave Bennion




MOTION TO OPEN HEARING: Paulette T/Robert I made a motion to open the hearing at 6:05 pm; all in favor; motion passed.


OATH GIVEN: Jim P read the oath for guests and members present to give testimony. All agreed to tell the truth in hearing proceedings.

MATTER BEFORE THE BOARD: Kylie Haynes has submitted an application for a conditional use permit under the provisions of Sec 4.1:(A)(7) applicability and Sec 3.4 table (A) allowable land uses of a single family seasonal dwelling in the Shoreland/Recreational District. Ms. Haynes is applying for a permit for an addition of a bedroom and porch on her seasonal cottage for property located at 434 Mullen Shore Rd in Franklin


Jim P opened the hearing of Kylie Haynes by reading the application. Wendy, bedrooms; originally the camp was a three bedroom and one was previously converted to a laundry/bathroom. She has applied for a shoreland protection permit. Per this information, my recommendation is to allow the permit to go forward.


Bob-what is the status of the shoreland protection permit? Ms. Haynes advised she has not received a final decision yet. Lisa believes it is still in the review/comment phase. Is the addition to the north side of the camp; is not closer to the lake then currently? Ms. Haynes-that is correct, the current camp is 120 ft from the boundary.


Jim P/Paulette T made a motion to close the hearing and enter deliberative session and discuss the hearing; motion passed. Bob questioned the bedroom count, if it was three in the past should be noted on the listers card; hes sure that Wendy did diligence to check the info. Bob I/Paulette T made a motion to approve the permit for an addition and allow the conditional use in the shoreline district; all members voted in favor of approving the application, 4-0; motion passed.


September 17th minutes-Menard & Elwood: the board reviewed the minutes. Bob I/Wesley K made a motion to approve the minutes as written. All members voted in favor; motion passed.


James & Ronna Messier hearing postponed until final review of the Planning Commission after a site visit. Bob advised that once the PC approves the three-lot subdivision and boundaries as on the sketch plan, that it is final; there is no need for the ZBA to rule on the application. The ZBA hearing can be cancelled and is not needed.






Discussed the Hutchins ZBA hearing scheduled for December 10th. The board will meet with the attorney before to discuss the application.




Respectfully submitted

Lisa A Larivee

November 19, 2020

These minutes are not final until approved by the ZBA at their next regular meeting.