The purpose of an accepted sidewalk policy is to define the scope of procedures for maintenance and use of the sidewalks in the Village of Franklin. The primary objective is to maintain the safety and mobility of pedestrians. Although financial limitations ultimately affect the level of service that is provided, every effort will be made to provide safe sidewalk conditions as soon as possible with available resources (budget, personnel, equipment and materials).




The parking of any vehicle on the sidewalk or intersection of two streets that prohibits pedestrian/bicycle travel is prohibited by this policy. No parking is allowed on a designated crosswalk. No parking is allowed within 6 feet of fire hydrants. The vehicle owner will be notified that the vehicle must be removed immediately.

If there is not sufficient green space between the sidewalk and the road, temporary parking on a portion of the sidewalk is allowable. This parking should be less than an hour for unloading vehicles or quick visits. This is not to be considered regular parking and should be avoided whenever possible.




The Town of Franklin will maintain the existing sidewalks within the approved budget restrictions. We will continue to plan and work to improve and upgrade the sidewalk infrastructure in the village to connect all the routes. Blowing of grass or debris and placing of objects on the sidewalks is prohibited.


Snow removal:


No person shall cause snow to be plowed into, across, or piled onto the sidewalks or other public space. The Town will conduct snow removal of the sidewalks, where able, after the clearing of all roads is done. With severe long storms; they will be cleared when the storm is over. The sidewalks will be maintained in such a manner that they are passable; may not be completely bare at any time during the winter, as there are limitations to the ability to sand/salt the sidewalks. Maintenance will be at the discretion of the town based on the sidewalk infrastructure condition.



Adopted by the Selectboard on August 5, 2020.



Peter Magnant Yvon Dandurand


Dave Bennion Brooks Sturtevant


Andrew Godin