THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2018 @ 6:00 P.M.





Members Present: Yvon Dandurand, Dave Bennion, Brooks Sturtevant, Andy Godin, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk.


Guests: Dennis Demar, Animal Control; Chris Ferland, Health Officer; Casey Dragon, Briana Dragon-Velez, Mykayla Fournier, Joey Fournier, Casey Fournier, Kaitlyn Fournier.


Yvon Dandurand called the meeting to order at 5:57 p.m.  The pledge of allegiance was said.


Yvon asked Chris, Health Officer, to give us his report of how we got to this point.  Chris advised on Sunday, approx. 7:30 am he got an e-mailed ER report regarding a visit of Kaitlyn Fournier that had been bitten by the dog owned by Casey Dragon on Friday evening. 


Casey Dragon – when she got home from work on Friday, Kaitlyn was at her house to play with her daughter Briana without her knowing in advance.  The dogs were upstairs in her bedroom confined from the kids.  Later in the evening she asked Kaitlyn to stay upstairs while Briana was told to put the dogs in their crates downstairs in the laundry room.  She was upstairs and heard the girls scream downstairs, she went down to find Jaxx sitting there and the girls had gone to another room.  She asked what happened and was told that Jaxx had jumped on Kaitlyn, she kicked him off and he bit her in the arm.  Upon checking the bit wrapped it with a towel and told Kaitlyn to call her family to pick her up and take her to get medical attention.  She was picked up by her sister and taken to the ER.


Briana Dragon-Velez – asked if that is what happened and she said yes, the dog got away from her when she tried to put him in the crate when he saw Kaitlyn there.  


Joey Fournier-states he went to speak with Casey D after his daughters got back from the ER.  He was not notified that this had happened until after and wanted to see shot records of the dogs. 


Kaitlyn Fournier-was asked if both dogs had bit her?  She stated that yes, on the butt and the on the arm.  One was in the crate, not closed tightly and got out while she tried to put the other one in that got away. 


Joey-if the dog was kicked off then there was a second dog that bit her too.


Casey D-Rexx was in the crate when she came down stairs.


Andy G-have they had this happen before?  Seems like they are handled well and take precautions to prevent encounters.


Yvon asks about medical bills and if there is something that the Fournier’s are looking for?  Casey Dragon states she knows she is financially responsible for the Fournier’s medical bills.  If they let her know she will take care of it.  She has bought signs of “beware of dog” and “no trespassing” to post.  She does not want this to happen again to anyone. 


Dennis-you have never had any other incidents of bites with these dogs?  Casey advised never had problems.  Dennis-if he came there as a stranger, salesman, should he be worried about being bitten by your dogs? Casey advised no, she actually had a book salesman there recently for 1 ˝ hours and he patted the dogs the whole time.


Lisa states rabies shots need to be updated, our records show they expired 10/17/18.  Casey states they are up to date and have been fixed.  Town Clerk’s office need new shot records. 


Closed the hearing at 6:35 and all parties exited the meeting.


The board deliberated and has set the following guidelines to be strictly adhered to:

·        All dogs on your property must be penned, leashed or on a run (confined) at all times.

·        All dogs on your property must be in your control at all times.

·        All dogs on your property must not be allowed to leave your property without a leash and under your control at all times.

·        All dogs must be in your control and confined while there are guests at your home to avoid unwanted/unexpected contact. 

·        A copy of the current rabies certificate must be on file with the Town Clerk’s office for all dogs at your property.

·        You will be held liable for any damages (property/personal injury) caused by your dog(s) of any guests at your property.

·        You are responsible for the medical expenses of Ms. Fournier should they be presented to you.

·        Should the Town of Franklin receive another complaint regarding your dogs attacking people or other animals, the dogs will be impounded by Animal Control and euthanized and the owners will be responsible for the cost.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

December 17, 2018


These minutes are not official until approved at the Select board’s next regular meeting.

These minutes were approved at the January 3, 2019 Select board meeting.