Franklin Selectboard Meeting

September 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Franklin Town Clerk’s Office


Call to order

At 6:04 p.m. Peter M called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Present: Peter Magnant, Yvon Dandurand, Andy Godin, Dave Bennion, Lisa Larivee-Town Clerk/Treasurer. Not present-Brooks Sturtevant


Guests: Corinna Stanley, Sheriff Bob Norris and Captain Tom Oliver, Peter Benevento-LCCA, Bill and Sharon Sorenson, Carole Richard, Jeremy Barnum-Highway Crew, Bridgett Thompson & Stephanie Ho-Rec Dept, Harry Gleim (by phone).


Agenda amendments:  Add to Highway Dept-hydraulic study of Hanna Rd culvert before Art Davis. 


Public comment period:  None


Dewing (Shore) Rd concerns:  Lisa phoned Harry Gleim-no answer, left message to call.  Peter M recapped the issue with the Gleim’s parking vehicles and placing cones in the ROW blocking the traveled lane to slow traffic down.  The Selectboard had been there and viewed what was taking place.  The board did a letter to them advising to refrain from this action and the laws about blocking traffic; they spoke with Mrs. Gleim who advised they would not block the road but something needed to be done about the speeding on the road.   Mr. Gleim phoned in and was placed on speaker phone to be part of the meeting discussion.  He advised that traffic is fast and did not realize that they could not park on the road.  Captain Tom Oliver also spoke with Mrs. Gleim this summer and offered to install a speed cart to record speed and counts of cars.  Sheriff Norris advised Mr. Gleim we have options; in June they can install the speed cart to gather information.  As we have a contract with the town, we can patrol the area next summer; be patient with the town while we get the information needed.  Yvon asked which day is worse, replied Saturday.  Corinna is also concerned with the speed on the entire road.  Mrs. Sorenson advised when cars come off of Lake Rd onto Dewing they do not slow down at all, go very fast; asked about lowering the speed limit to 15 and if installing speed bumps would slow traffic.  Peter M reviewed that the speed limit is 25 by the lake and 35 at the other part of the road, Sheriff Norris advised you can do an advised speed of 15 mph but they cannot enforce below 25 mph, by state law; speed bumps are at the discretion of the board.  Pete Benevento has also heard concerns from others about speed concerns-maybe a “speed flashing notice” sign at either end of the road would help from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Peter M asked the sheriff if a speed cart could be installed at the Stanley farm at the Berkshire line end this fall and then at the lake next summer.  Captain Oliver asked for a written request from the town to install the speed carts and addresses where we would like them. Yvon asked if it was legal to post “no through traffic” along the shore road to stop the daily commuter traffic; Mr. Norris does not think so as it is a town road.  At 6:32 Mr. Gleim exited the meeting.  Sheriff Norris and Captain Oliver were thanked and exited the meeting.


Highway Dept: 

·        Richard Rd-Carole Richard was present to inquire why the end of Richard Rd was not being graded as it always has been?  This is a class 4 for .04 miles which connects to the Canadian border.  Jeremy advised he was unaware that it had been graded in the past, spoke with Howard and he said it has always been graded and plowed to just past Shaun Richard’s driveway to keep open for the Border Patrol as they use the road regularly.  It will continue to be done as in the past. 

·        Webster Rd- class 4 road that has been inquired about by a land owner on the road.  With the new State general road permit and requirements of erosion control on class 4 roads as well; is the town planning to do work on this road.  Board states they are working on upgrades to class 3 roads to meet standards and then will review the class 4 roads. 

·        Riley Rd- James Mullen and VEC are asking permission for an underground power line to be installed.  They will not disturb the road surface.  Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to allow for the underground line installation.  Vote taken, all in favor, motion passed.  Peter signed the form to return to Mr. Mullen.

·        Security camera highway garage- Black Dog Security was here recently to repair the system as we were not able to access the recording of the security footage.  Question of who should have a key to access and view the DVR footage; the board felt both the selectboard and highway foremen should have access. 

·        Project updates- Pidgeon Hill ditching and stabilization with the NRPC grants-in-aid funds has been done.  Better Roads grant project on Middle Rd has been started.  Paving has been done on Hanna Rd-2 sections from Browns Corner intersection to Art Davis and from Beaver Meadow to Highgate town line.  Square Rd paving will be patched by the highway crew.  Crack sealing was done on Swamp Rd.  The water level is at 5.4 today-a load of water (5,500 gal) was trucked in raising the level to 5.6’; will truck a load per day. 

·        Transportation Alternative grant- was discussed and decided to apply for the Pidgeon Hill Rd culvert north of the Fournier farm to be replaced similar to the culvert at the beginning of the road that was done a few years ago.  This is a 20% match that will need to be put in the FY20 budget.

·        Hydraulic study- for Hanna Rd culvert just before Art Davis.  Was reviewed and felt nothing emergent needs to be done with this at this time.


Approve minutes of August 15st: 

Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to accept the minutes of August 15 as written.  Vote taken, all in favor, motion passed.


Review and sign bills:  the board reviewed and approved bills and signed warrants.


Town Clerk's concerns:

·        Town hall windows, painting, water, organ- Dave spoke about the need to replace the storm window that had blown out this summer and broken.  The quote that was received was about $2500 per window and felt that both sides should be done as they are really too short for the interior windows.  Board decided to cover with plastic for this winter and will look at grant funding for next summer to replace them both.  The painting was discussed; will be almost done this fall except for the upper side of the back of the building over the addition.  This needs to be discussed on how to get there to paint it; will be looked at for spring.  Water issue was discussed; the water has been shut off at the town hall and we will get a port-a-potty for a month as there are several events taking place.  Dave had a resident ask about donating a nice organ to the town, it is at the town hall now; need to speak with the music teacher at school about getting rid of the old piano or keeping both. 

·        Electric Vehicle Equipment grant- NRPC has sent us a grant from VT Community Development regarding funding for electric vehicle charging stations, the cost is approx. $2,000 each depending on electrical supply where they are installed.  They are fee based for the user of the facility.  It was discussed and felt that Franklin may be a good candidate for grant funds to go in line with the town plan and energy enhancements.  Dave B/Yvon D made a motion to apply for two charging stations to be installed in town.  Vote taken, all in favor, motion passed. 

·        Efficiency VT Energy audit- recommendations from the Efficiency VT rep that visited all our buildings about energy efficient lighting, furnace/heating upgrades, ventilation.  Board will consider improvements for the next budget year.


Old business: 

·        Pine Tree- discussed the replacement of the removed tree.  The board agrees that it will not be replaced that it is best for the building to not have trees so close.  Bridgett and Stephanie from the Rec Dept. were present and asked about installing a tree for the holiday season to light; the board is fine with that.  Stephanie advised about the community meeting on Nov 5, trunk or treat on Oct 26th and they are looking to start an adult volleyball league in January.  Jes Alexant still wanted to assist with a cross country ski trail on the town land. 

·        ATV Ordinance- The board discussed the ATV ordinance draft and some changes to be made.  Lisa will update the changes and send to the board for review before the next meeting.  The board wants to post to the public for input before adopting the final ordinance.  They will hold a public hearing next month.




New business: 

·                       Aeration project-Lake Carmi- Peter spoke with Perry Thomas from the State of VT regarding the project.  She advised the State Park will apply for the permits needed for the project to be placed on State land; the employees will operate and oversee the system.  The estimated cost is $5,000 per year for maintenance and $10,000 for energy use.  Looking for a 10 year commitment from the town to operate the system and fund these expenses for operation/maintenance.  Peter advised Perry this must go to the voters at town meeting in 2019 before making any commitment.

·                       Stump grinding- the board reviewed the bid from Curtis Ploof to grind the stump of the pine tree at the town office of $100.   Dave B/Yvon D made a motion to accept the bid of $100 from Mr. Ploof to grind the stump, vote taken, all in favor motion passed.


Selectboard folder:  None


Member concerns/other business:

·        Dave suggested installing a cork tack strip around the walls of the town hall to hang decorations on when there are events.  There have been some concerns with taping or stapling to the wall. 

·        Yvon would like to say “Thank you” to Marshall Ploof for everything he’s done for the town and community through the years as a great token of appreciation for the many hours spent of his volunteer time to make Franklin a better place. 

            -Complaints need to be addressed in a different manor then they currently are; a       policy needs to be discussed about complaints going to the department head or          selectboard of the related issue/concern.

            -suggested that a pad be poured for a permanent support of a community      Christmas tree once the stump is ground for the annual tree lighting.


·        Peter asked for a letter of “Thank you” be done to Burt for the use of the lift and to Serge Dandurand for the truck and trailer and for assisting with the pine tree removal.

·        Andy advised the weed harvester is done and will removed from the lake soon.


·        School discussion- the board is not comfortable with the town purchase of the school land and property.  The opinion that the  town ownership of the property protects the assets from a merger and the new district taking over the assets; this could become a large burden on the town.  Not sure how this would all work out in the future.


Next meeting date is October 3 @ 7:00 pm at the Town clerk’s office.



At 9:16 pm Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vote taken; all in favor; motion carried.



Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

September 24, 2018


These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular selectboard meeting.  These minutes were approved at the October 3, 2018 selectboard meeting.