Franklin Selectboard Meeting

October 16, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m.
Town Clerk’s Office


Call to order

At 7:03 p.m. Peter Magnant called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Present: Peter Magnant, Dave Bennion, Andy Godin, Brooks Sturtevant, Yvon Dandurand, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk


Guests: Jeremy Barnum, Highway foreman; Corey Parent, Hickok & Boardman Insurance; Ryan Martin, VAST.


Agenda amendments:  add Corey Parent for insurance policy review after highway dept.  All members in favor.


Public comment period:  none 


Approval of minutes: October 2, Brooks S/Andy G made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting as written.  All members voted in favor, motion passed.


VAST:  Ryan Martin was present to ask for landowner permission of the town for the VAST snowmobile trails to cross town roads: Swamp, Riley, Jones, Hanna, Morses Line, Pidgeon Hill, and Towle Neighborhood Roads.  Brooks S/Dave B made a motion to approve VAST landowner permission to cross town roads as listed with VAST above.  All members voted in favor, motion passed. 


Highway Department:

·                       Jeremy advised they are ready for winter, sand shed is full and they have gotten a few loads of salt. 

·                       Paving bids will be together for the Nov 20th meeting, Stanley Rd with match grant funds, Hanna Rd from end to end and Gallup Rd resurface. 

·                       Equipment needs – Truck replacement should be budgeted for FY21 with new plow and calcium sprayer set-up.  Trucks have been serviced and ready for winter.  Truck 2 has had tires replaced at 50,000 miles.  The calcium sprayer that was approved at town meeting is in and needs to be installed by the highway crew.

·                       Crack sealing was done this week on Browns Corner Rd from the village to the intersection of Barnum Rd and Morses Line Rd from Rte 120 intersection to Messier Rd.

·                       Discussed the status of the TAP grant work for the Pidgeon Hill culvert project.  Waiting for approval of the MPM with NRPC and then need to choose three design engineers from the approved state list and interview.

·                       December 4th the board will work on budgets and would like the highway crew here to discuss the highway needs and budget. 

·                       Highway crew was asked to snow blow the library sidewalk to the door when needed to keep open for fire safety.  


Town Insurance:  Corey Parent with Hickok and Boardman was present to review the town insurance policy and needs and give a quote to change carriers.  Discussed and reviewed the details of the policy.

-       Value of the town hall curtain for proper coverage; if it were needed to be reproduced after a loss.

-       Town hall use for large groups/events, we should require them to get a one day policy of coverage for the event. 

-       Sex assault/molestation coverage for all town employees, boards, volunteers, and Recreation Dept coaches is a growing need to keep in mind.

-       Recreation dept coaches need to have a clear concussion protocal/policy.

-       Discussed the differences between their policy and VLCT.  Price quote of $30,635

-       Corey was thanked for his time and exited the meeting.




Town Clerk Concerns:

·                       Messier wedding:  have requested to use the town hall in Oct 2020 for 160 guests.  Need to review the capacity of the town hall for large events.  Discussed events that are theater type events with chairs for watchers vs. a wedding/dinner type with tables that take up more room.  Fire safety is the first concern of the board.  Dinner events will have an 80 max capacity and theater events 120 max.  Need to update the town hall policy to include this information.

·                       Town hall heat:  discussion of what to leave the temperature on when no one is using the space.  When Zumba is there three consecutive days leave at 62, over the longer times of no use set at 56.  Suggested to change to a programmable thermostat that can be set as such.  Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to purchase a programmable thermostat for up to a cost of $100 for the town hall.  All members voted in favor, motion passed.  Dave will purchase and install. 

·                       Letter of ZA resignation: not yet received


Review and sign bills:  Members reviewed and signed bills.  Reviewed the VEC power bills for the aeration system, there are two meters. Lisa spoke with Dave from VEC about the classification change and retro billing back to the start of the system turn-on; Dave was going to look into that.  Yvon questioned the Wetherby trash billing on the dumpster, Lisa advised she has looked into it and it is correct, looks like we got January for free.


Old Business:

·        Year round use of camps: Saturday the 26th of Oct at 9:30 am is the best date and will be held in the Homestead dining room.  Discussed what to do with requirements; town does not require a certificate of occupancy for properties; we issue an administrative opinion based on zoning permit violations. 

·        Dog Ordinance:  Reviewed other town’s policies and the current draft based the VLCT model.  The definition of “vicious dog” was reviewed. The board will leave in the current handling of vicious dogs that are off premises only.  Fees reviewed; first offense is a warning; 2nd offense will be a $100 fine plus impoundment and costs with $75 waiver; 3rd offense will be a $500 fine plus impoundment and costs with a $400 waiver.  Changes will be updated for adoption at the next meeting.


New Business:  

·        Library janitor: Linda Childs has resigned from the position and the library trustees feel it is the responsibility of the selectboard to hire this position.  Town clerk will post the job opening and it will be included in the FY21 town budget. 

·        School snow plowing: Pete discussed the school lot snow plowing that was reviewed by the MVSD board at their last meeting.  They received bids for MVU, Highgate and the Supervisory office; Franklin highway crew estimated approx. 50 plowing times for about $5,000 ($100 per plow).  It was approved by the MVSD board that the Franklin highway crew would continue to plow the Franklin School as they have in the past; the highway crew will track and bill on a per plow basis of $100/time. It is felt this will be a fairer way to control actual costs. The town will be paid at the end of the season.


Selectboard Folder: none


Member Concerns:

·                       Dave advised that Marc Vinci has started the back side of the town hall painting job.  Dave assisted with building and erecting staging on the roof to reach the top peak. 

·                       Brooks asked about the clerk computer; Lisa advised it has arrived; final cost was $1595 with the upgraded drive as suggested by NEMRC and wireless keyboard and mouse. 

·                       Pete reviewed upcoming meetings: Nov 20th at 6 pm will be at the FELCO room as John Tucci from Everblue will present on the lake status. Dec 4th will begin budget discussion; Dec 18th will be the holiday gathering at the FELCO room for all town boards. 

Would like to still see a school board open forum discussion at town meeting of individual school business for residents to have information and ask questions.  The MVSD budget will be voted on by Australian Ballot.



Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vote taken; all in favor; motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m.


Next meeting will be November 20th at 6 pm in the FELCO room.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

October 17, 2019


These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular selectboard meeting.

These minutes were approved at the Selectboard meeting on November 20, 2019.