Franklin Selectboard Meeting

June 3, 2020 @ 7:00 p.m.
Zoom call


Call to order

At 7:01 p.m. Peter Magnant called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was said. 


Present: Peter Magnant, Dave Bennion, Brooks Sturtevant, Yvon Dandurand, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk, Andy Godin (joined at 7:43 pm)


Guests: Jeremy Barnum; Kevin & Darla Lothian.


Agenda amendments:  Add to Old Business-Aeration system update; Highway Dept-paving update; Town Clerk concern-VLCT Covid Resolution.  All members approve of amendments.


Public comment period: Brooks got a call from residents of Pigeon Hill Rd last week about the very dusty conditions and inquiring about chloride application.  The highway crew responded the next day, thank you to Jeremy for their prompt attention. 


Approval of minutes: May 20th, regular meeting; Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Pete asked to add for clarification on line 44 to Dave Webb.  All members voted in favor; motion passed 4-0, Andy not present. 


Highway Dept: 

·                   Yield sign Richard Rd/Gallup Rd:  discussed the request of a Richard Rd resident to have a yield sign installed at this intersection as people travel around the corner from Gallup Rd onto Richard Rd fast and do not use caution.  Yvon and Pete will take a look at the area and discuss further at the next meeting.  Jeremy also questioned changing the stop sign at Hanna Rd/Browns Corner Rd intersection to a yield off of Hanna Rd. 

·                   Chloride-Hammond Shore Rd:  request from Polly Gadbois to pay for town truck to spread chloride on Dewing/Hammond Shore Rd.  Discussed the cost of the truck at $75/hr, plus crew time and chloride applied to be billed.  Board agreed with this request.  Look to update road policy for such requests.

·                   Paving update:  Jeremy advised Hanna Rd and Stanley Rd have been completed and EJ Hutchins did a very good job and did all we wanted to have done. Total bill was $329,933; Hanna Rd $158,360; and Stanley Rd $171,573 with grant funds to be reimbursed at 80% from State.  Part to be paid now and balance with FY21 budget in July. 

·                   Green up tires: Jeremy picked up the tires the Forsyth’s collected from the road side.  The crew had also picked up some recently and took approximately 50 tires to NWSWD for free. 


Review and approve bills:  board members reviewed the warrants; Discussed paying Plouff’s Monuments $200 for their prompt service to clean the memorial park stones on short notice as a sign of appreciation.  All members agreed with that payment.  Three members will be in to sign off on the bills-Pete, Dave and Brooks.


Old Business:

·                    Rte 236 project-planning loan:  Lisa has been working on and has a virtual meeting on Friday with Oliver and Celia to complete the application for the planning loan.  Brooks S/Dave B made a motion authorizing Pete M to sign the loan application for the Rte 236 planning loan.  All members voted in favor; motion passed 4-0.

·                   Little league update:  Bridgett anticipates to play the season in July and August if able.  NWLL is working on a plan and final decision to follow ACCD guidelines and safety of players.  The board is fine with, if can be done safely.

·                   Aeration system update:  Pete has spoken with John Tucci; the State has given the ok to turn on the aeration systems.  The State Park system was turned on today, 6/3.  The Patton Shore system is anticipated to be turned on by Friday, 6/5 as they are finalizing some wiring changes.  In the next few weeks their team will be here to clean all the diffusers and train the highway crew on the system later this summer. 



New Business:

·       Sidewalk policy- The board reviewed the draft policy as written.  Added to Snow removal section-plowing will be at the discretion of the town based on the sidewalk infrastructure condition.

·       Library trustees resignation and reappointment- Brooks S/Yvon D made a motion to accept the resignation of Pam Deuso from the board and appoint Loryn Kempton to the board of trustees. All members voted in favor; motion passed 5-0.

·       Green up Day/Tire disposal- there was little participation this year with collection and under 50 tires collected by road crew. 

·       Options for future meetings- Pete advised he is looking for board input on options.  The town hall space is large and could spread out but may make hearing difficult; still would need to make Zoom available for public/guests to call in.  Would like to do July 15th meeting outside at town hall gazebo or church lot.


Town Clerk Concerns:

·                   Town welcome sign- Yvon updated on the clerk sign/notice board, it is in process and being painted.  The “welcome” sign as you enter town at the Ploof’s is in need to replacement.  Jeremy would also like to have a “Highway Department” sign on their building.   Pete would like to get the Rec Dept involved to take on the project with local town talent. 

·                   Maple tree planting- Green up VT is celebrating 50 years and has sent towns a goodie bag including a red maple tree sapling and marker stone to commemorate.  Discussed where to plant; Dave and Brooks will plant in Memorial Park by the parsonage. 

·                   VLCT Resolution- a resolution has been written of Vermont local officials support of fair and direct federal emergency aid to reopen and rebuild local American economies.  Brooks S/Dave B made a motion to accept and sign the resolution for VT Municipal Covid support.  All members voted in favor; motion passed 5-0.  Board members will be in to sign.


Dick Wright property: Welcomed Kevin and Darla Lothian to the meeting.  Pete thanked them for allowing Dave to enter the building and review the features and layout.  The board wants to move forward with review of options for this building to relocate the town offices.  Dave asked Kevin about the septic system and the underground fuel tanks.  Kevin does not have much info about the septic system; the fuel tanks were removed years ago and the State took liability and have a superfund of money for the project.  Tests pits were installed on the property, next to General Store and Glidden property and by Benjamin garage to monitor the soils and seepage.  The test pits are coming out this year because the State tests have deemed them as being clean.


Pete suggests going into Executive Session to discuss the price to purchase the building and ROW to town land to protect the town and owners at this time.  Brooks S/Dave B made a motion to enter Executive Session at 8:29 pm and invite Kevin and Darla Lotion and Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk to participate.  All members voted in favor; motion passed 5-0. 

Yvon D/Brooks S made a motion to exit Executive Session at 9:03 pm.  All members voted in favor; motion passed 5-0.  No action was taken during executive session.


Member Concerns:  Brooks-thank you to highway crew for the chloride application to dusty roads.

Andy- discussed the yield sign request on Gallup/Richard Rd.  Gallup is the thru road. Spoke with Kyle Lothian from Highgate regarding farm traffic on dirt roads and the dust that is created and beating up of the roads; not sure what can be done but frustrating. 

Lisa-discussed the elections for Aug and Nov and the plan of the SOS for mailings and procedures.

Yvon- dog complaint of Middle Rd, has there been contact?  Mr. Willey has contacted the town about what is needed to register his dogs.  No comment made on the barking complaints.  Harvester trailer needs to be looked at to replace and prices to do so.  Dehumidifier for highway will be discussed at the June 17th meeting.  Thank you to Dave for freezer removal and disposal. 

Pete-the metal dumpster can be removed now.  June 17th is next meeting via Zoom.






Brooks S/Andy G made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  All members voted in favor; motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Next meeting will be June 17th at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

June 4, 2020


These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular Selectboard meeting.

These minutes were approved at the June 17,  2020 Selectboard meeting.