Franklin Selectboard Meeting

July 11, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Franklin Town Clerk’s Office


Call to order

At 6:02 p.m. Peter M called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Present: Peter Magnant, Yvon Dandurand, Andy Godin, Dave Bennion, Lisa Larivee-Town Clerk/Treasurer; Brooks Sturtevant by phone at 6:45.


Guests: Jake Dandurand & Jeremy Barnum, Highway crew; Kirk Artus, Beauregard Equipment, Bill Mayo, Emily Porter-Goeff, Franklin Watershed Coordinator; Peter Benevento, LCCA; Corinna Stanley,


Agenda amendments:  Add to Town Clerk-Education tax rate review; Betty Rainville concern at Morses Line Border Crossing.  Add to old business-hay land discussion.  All members approve of the amendments.


Public comment period:  Corinna Stanley “Thank you” for the support of the selectboard with the school Act 46 issue.


LCCA lake/dam:    Peter M asked Pete Benevento to give his opinion of the aeration system that is being proposed by the state.  Pete stated the presentation recently of the system and how they work was very informative.  Emily said the model that was designed does not work well for blue/green algae reduction, just to reduce the phosphorus release.  The chlorophyll A reduction does not so much matter, just the phosphorus.  ANR is making some adjustments and changes based on studies and will have a final report on August 10th of the system to be installed. Bill Mayo asks how many years will the system operate-Emily replied the life span of a system is 15-20 years so it is expected that it will be used for that long.  Additional sensors at the buoys have been installed to gauge the oxygen levels at different depths. 

·        There is a “Crisis response plan” TMDL meeting on July 19th at 4:45 in the Homestead Felco Rm to discuss the plan of the Act 260-Lake in Crisis.

·        Pete Benevento advised the Celebrate Lake Carmi was a great success and went well.  Thanks to the Franklin Fire Dept for their assistance and for the town allowing the Army Band to perform on the village green. 

·        Emily asked if the situation of the weeds coming back off the conveyor belt of the harvester had been addressed from last year.  Andy advised it has and is much better this year. 

·        Peter M asked about the Millpond dam.  Pete B advised the boards have been secured to not be removed and it is at 435 ft above sea level.  There was a hydrologic study done recently by the State.  Funds were available to clean the spillway but were used for this study instead. The staff gauge at the Dewing bridge was also installed to measure the level of the lake; it has not changed too much since spring.


Approve minutes of June 20th:

Yvon D/Andy G made a motion to accept the minutes of June 20 as written.  Vote taken, all in favor, motion passed


Review and sign bills

All Selectboard members reviewed and signed the bills.


Highway Dept:

·        Town highway #33 reclassification from the current class 4 to a legal trail.  Need to post a 30 day warning for a hearing of the public regarding the change.   Lisa will warn with the town plan amendment adoption update for August 15th and notice the land owners.

Brooks S called in via phone at 6:45 pm to participate in the meeting.

·        Loader: Yvon has been working with both Case and John Deere to get a final

price on comparable machines to meet the needs of the town to present to the board.  Priced a model 521G/524K respectively with radial tires, A/C, quick connect feature and halogen lights.  Both will be approximately 90 days to ship after order.   Case priced at $104,700 with 3 yr warranty and 3 yr service agreement and John Deere at $104,440 with 5 yr warranty. Kirk was present and advised they had just received in stock this same machine with some additional options: reverse cooling fan, cold weather package, led plus light package, rear backup camera that could be delivered immediately for $109,500.  Discussion ensued; Kirk offered the stock machine with the quick-connect attachment and specs as quoted with the extra options and a 5 yr warranty/3 yr maintenance for $107,000.  After discussion, Yvon D/Brooks S made a motion to purchase the 2018 Case 521G loader, stock #NL4601 as quoted with additional options and 5 yr warranty at no extra cost for $107,000; all members voted in favor, motion passed.  Lisa will do a letter of intent to Beauregard’s Equipment to be eligible for the municipal discount.  Discussed the funding for payment of the machine; Equipment fund has $20,000 available and $7,000 from FY19 equipment fund budget line will be used, voters approved $80,000 for no more than 5 years.  Lisa will borrow $64,000 for 4 years with the 5th year ($16,000) from this year’s tax billing.  Payment will be made on August 1st . 

·        Jeremy asked about the NRPC grant for equipment purchases; Franklin ordered a shoulder scraper blade for removing road shoulders through this program with an 20/80 match.  Peter will check on the status of the equipment with Bethany at NRPC.


Brooks exited the meeting by phone.


Town Clerk's concerns:

·                       Town hall windows:  Lisa discussed the need to replace the storm windows on the front of the building since one has broken.  There was no grant available at this time, as it was used for the furnace room work.  If the grant is awarded for the furnace room there will be money in the budget for window work.  Discussed the furnace room work and the scope of the project; needs to be determined so it can be put out to bid. 

·                       Sheriff contract: the contract was read and reviewed for the $5,800 in coverage as budgeted beginning July 2018 through June 2019 with the same coverage as last year.  Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to approve and sign the Franklin County Sheriff contract for FY19 at $5,800.  Board members all in favor and signed the contract.

·                        Recreation Director contract reviewed by board.  Board is fine with it, need to add the salary figure of $10,000. 

·                       Town Clerk advised the Education tax rates have been received and they are approx. $.05 less than anticipated at town meeting time.  Total rates will be calculated for the August board meeting.

·                       Betty Rainville has concerns with the bikers that cross the Morses Line border and using their land as a bathroom.  Lisa will contact the Swanton Border Sector office about installing a port-o-let at the site. 


Old business:    

·        The pine tree in front of the office has been requested to be removed as it is in poor condition.  Warn for the next board meeting on August 1 for community input before its removal.

·        Kennel fees were discussed; currently at $50 for first day and $20 each day thereafter for as long at the animal control officer holds the dog.  Peter M/Andy G made a motion to keep the same as last year, all members in favor, motion passed.

·        Hay land-Dave spoke with Gerald Domina who cuts the hay from the Dick Wright lot.  He is willing to cut for this year for the hay; would like a 3 yr agreement with the town to continue to cut in the future.  We will review next year for a 3 yr agreement.  Lisa will write a contract for this year at zero dollars for liability purposes.


New business: 

·                       Town Plan amendments: Dave spoke about the amendments to the town plan-need to have an enhanced energy plan included to have some say with the Vermont Public Service board hearings.  May not have the final say, but at least we can have input.  Meeting will be warned for Aug 15 in the Homestead dining room for final review and adoption.

·                       Dog complaint from R Williams regarding incessant barking of neighbors dogs.  Lisa will do a letter to Mr. Clark to warn of dog ordinance rules in the village and ask Dennis to pay a visit.

·                       ATV ordinance-was reviewed by the board and discussed as to changes that may need to be made.  The question of what it the town’s liability for allowing atv use on town roads needs to be addressed.  Will discuss further at next meeting.

·                       Tractor rental for weed harvester-a resident asked about needing a rental at the lake for use with the weed harvester.  Andy stated the tractor is back at the lake and we have use of it when needed.

·                       School Resolution to State Board of Education:  Peter read aloud the resolution written from the board to the Secretary of Education and Ed Board regarding the town’s disapproval of the school merger plan and support of our school.  Members all in favor of the resolution and signed.


Selectboard folder:  Info about an Energy Conference


Member concerns/other business

·        Andy-last week the weed harvester was running badly again but got it going and trained Joe Craig.  It wouldn’t start at the end of the week; changed the diaphragm fuel pump with a new pump and is working like a top with full power.   Asked about making a mowed trail around the hay land for a walking trail and maybe a picnic table on the hill.  Could be used for cross country skiing in winter as well. 

·        Dave-Paul Gates has asked about the cement around the band stand and ideas to repair it; would like to update its appearance.

·        Peter-thank you letter to Mandi Gates for painting the band stand was signed.

·        Yvon-there are trees on Pidgeon Hill Rd that should be cut before winter by the Fournier farm. Lisa states there are also some on Stanley Rd.  Will contact VEC about cutting as they are adjacent to power lines.

·        Lisa will email to the newsletter list information about the State Board of Education school merger plan meeting on July 18th in Newark.


Next meeting date is august 1 @ 7:00 pm at the Town clerk’s office.



At 8:58 pm Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vote taken; all in favor; motion carried.



Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

July 13, 2018

These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular selectboard meeting. 

These minutes were approved at the August 1, 2018 selectboard meeting