Franklin Selectboard Meeting

April 19, 2019 @ 9:00 am
Haston Library


Call to order

At 9:08 a.m. Peter M called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Present: Peter Magnant, Yvon Dandurand, Andy Godin, Dave Bennion, Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk


Guests: Jim Cota, VTrans District 8; Bethany Remmers, NRPC; Jeremy Barnum, Highway Foreman; Kim Gates Maynard; Adam Kane; Kyle & Jane Lothian (arrived later)


Agenda amendments:  Lisa asked to add to the highway department; discuss the highway lot stormwater project and approving additional funding with the subcontractor agreement.  Add to town clerk concerns; review generator inspection.


Public comment period: Kim Gates wanted to inquire about moving the Park & Ride sign that is on the library lawn; can it be moved to the other side of the street by the fire station and share a post with the current sign?  Jim Cota advised he cannot make that decision but the point of contact would be Dave Blackmore and Josh Shultz; sign engineer, for this request.  Kim also asked about the yield sign at the north end of Main St, can it be changed to be a yellow cautionary sign rather than just a white/black sign.  Jim advised that was the engineered design.

            Adam Kane entered the meeting regarding a complaint of Jason Vaillancourt’s dogs.  They are aggressive toward our small dog and children in our own yard, they were growling at the kids when they got off the bus last week with the hair standing up on their backs.  They defecate on my porch and in my yard all the time.  The board will send a written notice about keeping the dogs home and ask the Animal Control officer to visit Mr. Vaillancourt.   


Approve Minutes:  Yvon/Dave made a motion to approve the minutes of April 3, 2019 as written.  Pete advised of a few corrections to be made. Line 33 should read phosphorus not prosperous; line 39 add “John Tucci answered”; line 93 change Lisa will get this back to the Sheriff for changes.  All in favor of minutes as corrected, motion passed. 


Highway Department: 

·                       Jim Cota and Bethany Remmers were thanked for joining the meeting to review concerns of the board.  

·                       Rte 120 reconstruction:  Pete advised that the TAC has rated this road number one for a recommended project; the board has contacted our representatives at legislature asking to prioritize the project.  Jim advised the need to be sure to ask for the right kind of project; they will most likely do reclamation of road and repave with three layers of pavement.   There is little gravel as a base and the road needs a complete rework.  Needs a full depth reconstruction with under drainage for the appropriate repair.  They will do preliminary plans of engineering and the board needs to make comments at this time to be sure it is done correctly.  Contact Chad Allen as he is the ranking spearhead for road work priorities.  The north end of Rte 120/Main St has a drainage/ditch issue by the parsonage basin as the water pools across the street.  Jim will message Tim at VTrans about ditching this area.


Kyle & Jane Lothian entered the meeting at this time; he wanted to personally thank the board for the card and their thoughts and prayers for his recovery, Franklin means a lot to him and he is greatful for this community.   


·                       Lake Rd radar speed signs- discussed the request of the LCCA for signs to alert travelers of their speed.  Would like to put them up seasonally, May thru Sept.  Jim advised need to do an 1111 permit and are responsible to purchase our own signs and install.  Bethany advised grant funding may be available with the VTrans Bike-Pedestrian program with a 50/50 match, could apply for the FY21 season.

·                       Grants-In-Aid program through NRPC, Bethany has a confirmation letter of the FY19 work to be done by June 30th on Gallup Rd as she discussed with Jeremy. 



Additional funding of the State/Federal funds for FY20 and FY21 has been approved for NRPC projects with towns.  Funding can be used for class 1 thru 4 roads.

·                       The paving grant has been submitted for Stanley Rd; Jim advised we are currently ranked 13th on the list and will be given funding for this repaving project.  Eligible for a $175,000 grant.  Jeremy discussed waiting until June 2020 to do paving with two years budget funds; we could do more work and get a better bulk price with less charges for mobilization of equipment.  Jim advised need to be sure to procure with three bids for all grant funded jobs; if parties do not bid that you request from just make note of such, that they did not reply.  Peter asked if we should crack seal roads before resurfacing them? Jim advised need to ask the paving experts what is recommended.  The board’s concern is the ability to get three vendors to bid on paving; Jim advised contact Pike, Whitcom, Grey, Hutchins, ECI and ST Paving.  Hold a legal bid opening for all work to be done with a publicly announced opening date & time, document all bids received, and identify the low bidder.  Should discuss the details and choose the vendor in executive session. 

·                       Road and Bridge standards- Bethany reviewed the new standards being proposed to be more in line with the requirements of the Municipal General Roads permit. They are combining the DEC and VTrans standards together.  The board should review and submit recommendations.  Can stabilize gully erosion on class 4 roads with the standards.  Stone availability is a concern of many towns throughout the area. 

·                       Morses Line Rd culvert-need to have a hydraulic study done; need to note the condition of the structure and the water quality impacts.  The engineering could be ten years out to complete the project, look at the highway grant program due in July for funding. 

·                       Reclassification of Hanna Road-discussed the necessary upgrades to reclassify to a class 2 road; line center and edge lines, send questions to Jim Cota.  The orange book section 2-1 chapter 13 has guidelines for reclassification of roads.  Lisa will do a letter to Heidi in Highgate about our interest in changing the road through both towns. 

·                       Pigeon Hill Rd-TAP grant- Lisa advised that we have been awarded the grant of $220,800 with a $55,200 match and need to sign the State commitment letter for the project.  Pete advised we will need to request match funding at town meeting 2020 for the project; Lisa advised the State needs a commitment now to move forward with the plans for engineering, permits, ect which will be a 2-3 year project. They suggested if we are not ready to commit the match funds to reject the grant funding and reapply next year, but there is no guarantee of being awarded money again.  Bethany advised if funds are spent once the grant is approved and the voters deny the match the town will be required to cover any cost spent on the project.  Yvon D/Andy G made a motion to approve the TAP grant of $220,800 and match of $55,200 for the Pigeon Hill Rd project and to request the match funds at town meeting 2020.  All members voted in favor, motion passed.  Peter signed the State commitment letter for the grant project. 

·                       Sidewalk-Lisa updated on the current project and that we are waiting for the State historical clearance with Peter Pochop for the completion of the State permits. Also need to speak with Mr. Shultz about the crosswalk on Main St to connect Square Rd to the new project. We can then complete the contract with the firm awarded the bid to complete the project.  Need to have a preconstruction meeting and also invite Mark Racine.  The State has also asked about the grant for the scoping study and if that project will be completed or are we declining the grant funding?  Bethany advised to speak with Gary Atherton from Enosburg that has done much of their sidewalk project planning.

·                       Middle Rd/Rte 120 intersection-Bethany advised that NRPC has about $7,000 to review options and challenges for this intersection on how to redirect traffic, new signage, ect.  She will work to hire an engineer and create a scope of work for our board’s review.

·                       Training opportunities for highway crew-Jim advised the “orange book” discussions are very informative and a great way to connect with other area foremen and road crew.   Bethany advised they do foreman’s workshops to get together for general conversations.   Jeremy would like to see grader training in our area. 


Yvon thanked Jim and Bethany for all the work being done together for TAC and the Water Advisory board and for attending a meeting with our board to discuss concerns.


Town Clerk Concerns:

·                       PACIF grant for safety gear and to prevent workers comp losses.  Lisa reviewed requests of the highway department; traffic barrels and cones, hearing protection, eye wash station, new ladder, tire inflation cage, floor jacks, in the amount of $2400 with a 50% match.  Board approved submission of the grant and Pete signed application.

·                       Dog complaint-Jason Vaillancourt’s dogs have been running at large and being a nuisance to neighbors, aggressive to people/children and others pets.  Lisa will do a letter of first offense notice, must be registered in 10 days, liability of bites or property damage, impound fees if complaints continue and copy Dennis, Animal Control to visit the owners. 

·                       Appoint Fire Warden- Burt Maynard was appointed Fire Warden at town meeting, State letter of appointment must be submitted.  Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to appoint Burt Maynard as Fire Warden; 3 members voted in favor, Andy-no, motion passed and board signed appointment.

·                       Franklin County Sheriff contract- reviewed details of updated contract to match budget approval.  Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to approve the contract of $6,500 for 132 hours at $49/hr.  All members in favor, motion passed, and board signed. 

·                       Generator inspection- Lisa has been in contact with Shaun Coleman from NRPC about the need for an inspection; Shaun advised there is no need for an inspection sticker for an emergency shelter generator per the State Div. of Fire Safety.


Review and sign bills:  Members reviewed and signed bills.


Old Business:

·                       Approve and sign aeration project lease agreement for the Evans property.  Pete reviewed the changes that have been made per our town attorney and the board is in approval of the lease agreement.  Dave B/Yvon D made a motion to appoint Peter to sign the lease agreement as the Town’s duly authorized agent, subject to any non-substantive changes or recommendations of the Town Attorney once the final is received.  All members voted in favor, motion passed. 

·                       Shoreland Protection Permit review and approval-the permit for the work being done at the Evans property for the aeration system must have a permit submitted to the State with the Town as the applicant.  Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to approve the permit and authorize Pete to sign on behalf of the town.  All members voted in favor, motion passed and Pete signed.

·                       Land and Asset transfer from school to town-Pete advised the town attorney recommended doing a title search of the school property to protect the town.  The Board approves of the title search with our town attorney before completing the deed transfer.  Discussed the asset transfer of the tractor and mower by a bill of sale from the school to the town.  Town attorney suggested a price of $1,000 for both pieces of equipment; the board would like to negotiate a reasonable figure as tax payers have previously paid for this equipment already.


New Business:

·                       Planning Commission member-Sam Gervais has voiced a desire to be on the planning commission.  Dave advised he came to their last meeting and introduced himself and Dave recommends him for the open position.  Dave B/Yvon D made a motion to appoint Sam Gervais to the Planning Commission.  All members voted in favor, motion passed.


Selectboard Folder: none


Member concerns/other business:

·                       Pete advised the Stormwater highway project subcontractor agreement will need to be warned to be signed at a special board meeting.  Will have a quick special meeting on May 1st at 6:00 pm to open hay bids and sign the agreement.  May 15th will be the next regular meeting at 6:00 pm.  We need to also include


language in the school deed transfer of the use of the school as the town’s emergency shelter and a cost-sharing of use if needed. 


Next meeting date is May 15th @ 6:00 pm at the Town clerk’s office.



At 12:25 pm Yvon D/Dave B made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vote taken; all in favor; motion passed.



Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Town Clerk

April 25, 2019


These minutes are not official until approved at the next regular selectboard meeting. 

These minutes were approved by the Selectboard at their  May 15, 2019 meeting.