Franklin Recreation Meeting May 26, 2020


Participants: Bridget Thompson, Bridgette Favreau, Stacy Godin, Stephanie Ho, Paula Tremblay, Dawn Fournier, Lissy Bachelder


Stephanie called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Public Comment



Library Updates

       Reading Incentive: The drawing was held on Memorial Day and the winners have been notified.

       The library currently does not have any summer events planned, but is working on planning a reading incentive that will complement Franklin Recís I Spy Summer Adventure.


Approve Meeting Minutes

       Stacy motioned to approve the meeting minutes from May 18. Bridgette seconded. The motion passed.


Treasurerís Report

       There was a bill for Reading Incentive prizes for the fishing gear prize that Franklin Rec donated.The total was $40.29

       Bridget made a motion to allow Bridgette Favreau to sign approval for the Board.

       Bridgette will go to the Town Clerkís office to approve the warrant.

       MyRec sent an invoice for $2795. That will be paid in July.


Memorial Day Recap

       The Memorial Day events were well received. People were pleased that Franklin had events. The scouts were happy to participate.


Virtual Run

       The I Spy Summer Adventure Run/Walk/Bike/Hike will begin on June 22 and end on July 31.

       Grizzly Graphix designed a shirt for the event.

       The shirt will cost $10.

       The shirt will be able to be ordered on the Franklin Rec website during event registration.

       The deadline for ordering a shirt will be June 7.

       Bridgette created a form where participants can log miles traveled and add photos.

       During this event, there will be weekly reminders to log your miles as well as posts about what participants will be searching for each week.


Little League

       Feedback from players/families regarding the email sent out about the potential summer season was discussed. So far, seven players and two coaches have dropped out.

       Paula spoke about the safety plan she drafted for NWLL. There are several restrictions that will need to be enforced.Additionally, a district representative will need to attend all games to make sure that rules are being enforced and signs outlining all the rules will need to be placed around the fields.

       The Town asks that we follow CDC guidelines with any activities on the fields this summer.

       The NWLL board has a meeting on June 1 to make a decision.

       Franklin Rec feels that with all the safety parameters, a season may not be feasible.

       Bridgette and Paula will share this message at the NWLL meeting.

       Refunds will be issued after NWLL makes its final decision about the 2020 season.

       The Rec Board discussed offering a credit instead of a refund.


Field Prep

       Bridget will work on adding a pulley to the flagpole.

       Randy has been working on the fields.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 2 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.