Franklin Recreation Meeting May 21, 2018 (draft)



Participants: Bridget Thompson, Bridgette Favreau, Stephanie Ho, Dawn Fournier, Stacy Godin, Paula Tremblay



Bridget called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m..



Public Comment

Paula shared a copy of the Haston Library summer events flyer.



Approve Meeting Minutes

Bridget motioned to approve the meeting minutes from May 8. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



Treasurerís Report


1995.75 LL uniforms

558 optional apparel orders

56.50 2 jerseys

825.20 Swanton Rec- Little League charter & registration

Bridgette reported the following expenses:


        Little League Uniforms: $1995.75

        Two additional jerseys for new players: $56.50

        Optional Apparel Orders: $558

        Little League charter and registration: $825.20


Bridget motioned to approve this report. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



Recreation Directorís Report

Nothing to report that is not on the agenda.



Action Item Review

The action items were reviewed. Several items involve Little League or other summer programming and were discussed along with those subjects.

Other items discussed:

        Town Hall Rental Fees for Recreation Department sponsored activities. The Selectboard recently voted to charge Franklin Recreation a fee of $25 per day for Camp Discover.

        Working with LCCA - Franklin Recreation has reached out about collaborating on summer events, with no response.

        The Historical Society recently published a summer activity calendar.

        Storage Shed updates - still waiting on a quote.

        Bridget made a motion to renew Franklin Recreationís membership in Vermont Recreation and Parks Association. Bridgette seconded. The motion passed.

        There is a need to tidy under the Town Christmas tree.




Franklin Recreation was awarded $3000 from the RiseVT Mini Grant Project. This grant will be used to improve the playground area at the Franklin ball fields.




Discussion about sending out sponsorship letters during the summer and about revising sponsorship levels.



Memorial Day

Bridget made motion to order a new Franklin Recreation banner that will be used in the parade. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.Little League players will hold banner during the parade. Bridget will make flyers listing our planned summer events to hand out. Discussion about making some big community calendars to post around town.



Summer Programming

The following is a list of summer programming discussed:

        Camp Discover - Run by Kathy Rouleau, July 30-Aug 3.

        Youth Field Hockey- Finding equipment to host a camp or summer session is proving difficult. Franklin Recreation will continue to look into purchasing field hockey equipment and revisit hosting a camp next year.

        Youth Soccer - Looking for a coach.

        Youth Baseball - Looking for coach.

        Kids Cooking Camp - A RiseVT Mini Grant was awarded for this event sponsored by the Farm to School Program.

        Running club - Monday evenings start June 25 @ 6:30 p.m..

        Adult Co-ed Softball - Thursday evenings from July 12 - August 16 @ 6:30 p.m..

        Bus to Barn Dance - Will depend on availability and Barn Dance schedule.

        Granby Zoo - A group rate will be offered on the tentative date of July 10.

        Paint and Sip - At Due North Vineyard. Working to select a date.

        Summer 5K - Morning of June 30.

        Community Dinner - August 25.

        Kayaking - Every other Sunday starting on July 8.



Little League


B&G Pest Control donated their time and materials to spray for bees on and around the baseball and softball fields. Thank you!


The baseball and softball fields were both tilled, rolled and raked on Sunday, May 20.


The Lake Monster fundraiser will be sent home to all kids in school. The game date will be August 17.


Two Highgate players have joined the majors baseball team. The players and team sponsor will split the cost of the new jerseys which have been ordered.


Bridgette provided details about the most recent NWLL meeting on May 20: NWLL is focusing on the All Star Season. Tryouts will be in Highgate on June 4-7. Swanton will host the 11/12 softball district and state tournaments and the 9/10 softball district tournament. NWLL will be selecting coaches for the All Star teams at their next meeting.




New regulations are suggesting that 5th and 6th graders should play using a 9-on-9 structure during the upcoming soccer season. Depending on numbers, there may be enough players for two teams. Registrations will go out in June for the upcoming 5th and 6th grade players. The return of these forms will help determine whether there will be one or two teams. Currently there are six games scheduled for the 2018 5/6 season.††



Timeline and Planning

To be discussed at the next meeting.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 p.m..



The next meeting willbe on Monday, June 4 at 7:00 p.m. at the Franklin Central School.