Franklin Recreation Meeting July 2, 2018



Participants: Bridget Thompson, Bridgette Favreau, Stacy Godin, Stephanie Ho



Bridget called the meeting to order at 5:17 p.m..



Public Comment

        The playground equipment identified by the Board for the ball fields is labeled as residential, and is unallowable on school grounds. Alternate, commercial grade equipment will need to be identified.

        Bridgette emailed Granby Zoo about a Franklin Recreation Group attending on July 17. Prices will be shared along with the event later this week.

        Bridget contacted Swanton Recreation about the kayaks they have available for rent and the possibility of using them for the planned Sunday evening kayaking on Lake Carmi. 

        The NWLL fundraiser is in. Bridgette is working on distributing to the sellers.  

        Stephanie shared about the community recreation meeting she attended.

        Rob Sweet is the new Highgate Recreation director. 

        RiseVT is planning on setting up a quarterly meeting of all Franklin and Grand Isle county recreation departments. The first one will be in September. 

        A beta version of the community calendar will be offered to all interested parties in the near future. 

        Rusty Gregory has agreed to help create a website



Approve Meeting Minutes

Bridgette motioned to approve the meeting minutes from June 15 and June 18. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



Treasurer’s Report

Bridgette requested the general ledger from the Town Treasurer and thoroughly reviewed the document, finding that it accounted for all income and expenses in the past year. Stephanie motioned to approve this report. Bridget seconded. The motion passed. 



Recreation Director Job Description Review

The Recreation Director job description created in 2017 was reviewed and updated to remove two items that the Franklin Recreation Board found to be out of the scope of the Recreation Director job. The items removed are:

• Responsible for exploring and applying for grant opportunities that would work for Recreation Programming and supplementing the Director’s position as is or coverage expansion. 

•Maintains accurate records of department paid expenses, activities, services, personnel, and property; reporting to the Recreation Department

A contract further detailing the responsibilities and expectations the Board has for the Recreation Director was started. The contract will be reviewed, completed, and approved at the next Board meeting. 



Summer Programming

No discussion further than what was discussed during Public Comment. 



The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m..



The next meeting will  be on Tuesday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. at the Felco Room.