Franklin Recreation Meeting February 26, 2018


Participants: Bridget Thompson,Stacy Godin, Bridgette Favreau, Dawn Fournier

Stephanie Ho (absent)

Bridget called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m..


Public Comment

No comments


Approve Meeting Minutes

Bridget motioned to approve the meeting minutes from February 12. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.


Treasurerís Report

Signed warrant for $55.77 for winter carnival expenses and $408 for basketball bags & balls

Bridget made a motion to accept. Stacy seconded. Motion approved.


Recreation Directorís Report

The Recreation Director had nothing to report that wasnít already on the agenda.


Action Item Review

Reviewed list, no changes made


Basketball Recap

Basketball season is complete for all.Itty bitty basketball seemed to go well.

We are waiting for pictures to be ready to distribute to families.


Little League

*We have enough for all teams except girls majors.

Here are the current number of children registered:

Boys Major- 11

Boys Minor- 11

Girls Major- 4

Girls Minor- 11

Boys Farm- 9

Girls Farm- 11

Tball- 16


Total income so far: $2790

3 families @ family rate

Bridgette reported outof the NWLL mtg on 2/18.


Volunteers for 2018 Little League Season:

Boys Major

Corey Fregeau (coach)

Corey Bertrand (assistant)

Melissa Davis (scorekeeper)

Michaela Bushey (monitor)


Boys Minor

Jon Godin (coach)

Tiffany Renaudette (scorekeeper/monitor)

Stephanie Ho (assistant)

Laura Sherman (scorekeeper/monitor)


Boys Farm

Chris Billado (coach)

Stephanie Ho(monitor)

Tiffany Curtis (monitor)


Girls Major

Paula Tremblay

Tiffany Renaudette

Amy Beauregard


Girls Minor

Sarah Gates (coach)

Bridgette Favreau (assistant)

Christina Hogle (monitor)

Dawn Fournier (scorekeeper)

Tiffany Curtis (monitor)


Girls Farm

Bridget (coach)

Stacy Godin (assistant)

Debbie Berger (scorekeeper/monitor)

Christina Hogle (scorekeeper/monitor)

Megan Kobelt (scorekeeper/monitor)

Annie Wagner (scorekeeper/monitor)

Ellen Favreau (scorekeeper/monitor)



Sam & Jenessa Gervais

Amy Beauregard

Ashley/Devin Bachelder

Stephanie Ho

Jon/Stacy Godin

**Dawn will email volunteers about Little League coaches mtg on 3/19 at 6:00 at the Swanton Central School.



Sarah Gates/Jon Godin 1x week for pitching practice mid March??

Highgate Arena: 4/7 10 am- 2 pm $50/hour

-          2 hours for Girls

-          2 hours for boys


Summer Programming

Community Dinner

-          No definite date for pizza oven yet (possibly Aug 11th/18th)

Summer Camps

-discussion was tabled until next mtg


Town Meeting Preparation

       Meet on Monday Time TBD @ school



The next meeting willbe on Monday, March12th at 7:00 p.m. at the Franklin School Library.



The meeting was adjourned at10:21 p.m..