August 31, 2020

Franklin Recreation Meeting


Attendance: Stacy Godin, Lissy Batchelder, Dawn Fournier, Bridget Thompson, Paula Tremblay


7:17- Call to order


Public Comment- None


Library Updates- None at this time but would like to be part of another community event


Minutes of August 10. Stacy made a motion to approve. Lissy seconded. No discussion

††††††††††† Motion passed.


Treasurerís report:

Noted a bill for $250.00 for septic tank rental. This is up since last year. Our budget is for $1000 a year and they are not used after October until March (5 months) Should this cost begin to exceed our budget we could ask the selectboard for assistance.


Stacy noted that $94.62 was collected at the Movie on the Green night. She paid $38.98 out of pocket and that was deducted from the cash. Stacy will submit her receipt to the town clerk via e-mail; the remaining cash- $55.64 will be submitted to the town clerk.


It was noted that so far $1003.50 has been collected for soccer so far. This number matches Bridgetís total. It was determined that other schools in the MVSD are providing financial support for the grade 5-6 teams. Lissy will approach the Franklin school board and ask if this support is possible in Franklin to align us with the rest of the district.


Recreation Coordinator


We have received an applicant who is a community member. Dawn has already discussed with the applicant all of the requirements. (FIeld prep/game schedules/practice schedules for all seasons.) Bridget will set up a meeting with the applicant and the board to interview.




Stacy has researched the sidewalk and various grants. Most require a pay later avenue requires criteria that our committee doesnít have. She will continue to pursue the MLB grants and also the Honda grant for Little League. Northfield Vermont won one of the 20 grants from last year and may offer some insights on how to achieve/acquire.




Movie on the Green Recap:


Overall success. A head count of 75. School to table earned $55 dollars selling popcorn and giving out cut veggies and dip. The Rec Department earned $55.64 selling candy bars.

Masks were worn- social distance was maintained. Stars were bright and everyone seemed to have fun. Several positive comments about the night as well as pictures Stacy posted. Jen Dewing sent a wonderful email regarding the overall success of our first movie collaboration.

†††††††††† Movie and a Dinner- perhaps our next joint venture.

We would bring our inflatable screen to the Homestead parking lot. They would select their movie for the night, School to table might do a meal on wheels spaghetti dinner and the Haston could provide the movie and a bake sale. Bridget will email Farm to School group regarding interest.

††††††††††† Paula will attempt to quantify how much money we saved our community by making this available.

††††††††††† Stacy is going to look into projectors. A sound system may be available by the committee.



Little League:


No meetings lately. Should be having elections for local representatives soon. Trying to arrange fall ball for interested players. The abbreviated season seemed to have gone smoothly with all precautions met.






Goalie gloves- we will check inventory/ ? players provide their own.

Goalie shirt- have player wear any other shirt not matching playing teams.

Soccer balls- will check inventory Wednesday when at the field


Plans to inspect and line the field Wednesday

Finish setting up nets

Paula will pick up paint/zip ties/new gate lock at McCuins before Wednesday

Plans are to change the combination to storage building and obtain a gate lock more user friendly.

CDC requirements for Covid 19:

Bridget will send home with each participant player/coach a waiver that explains the risks involved in group activities.

We will work on trying to get disinfecting wipes for cleaning the balls after every practice.

Hand sanitizers will be available to the coaches/players.

4 thermal thermometers and 4 boxes of alcohol wipes were ordered by Lissy at this meeting. A copy of the receipt will be sent to Lisa/Sara at the town office for reimbursement.

Bridget showed Dawn a template for team player and coaches that can be used multiple times for temperature and health checks before conditioning/practice/games by the coaches when checking the player


Teams and coaches:


††††††††††† Kindergarten: 5 players- coaches= John and Stacy Godin

††††††††††† Grades 1-2; 14 players- coaches= Devon and Ashley Batchelder/ Sam and Jenessa Gervais

††††††††††† Grades 3-4: 12 players- coaches= Sarah Gates/ Devon and Ashley Batchelder

††††††††††† Grades 5-6; 20 players- coaches= Sam and Jenessa Gervais/ ? Sarah Gates


Ref. = Chris Spears has offered services for the season. Would like to be paid this season.


Concussion Training for coaches- Bridget will set up online access for certification.


Shirts will be ordered once rosters are set.


Dawn will continue to work the schedule of games/practices and rosters at this time.





Policy for inflatable movie screen was reviewed and updated.


Glow Run- Tentative date= October 23rd.

††††††††††† Online registration will occur and the numbers of participants will be limited according to Covid Vermont policy for outdoor activity.A wait list will be used once the limit is reached.

††††††††††† Social distancing and face masks will be required.

††††††††††† May need to order more solar lights for the running trail.

††††††††††† Will check with the town to see if the crabapple trees can be trimmed to limit the danger of tripping on apples surrounding the path in multiple sites.


9:12- motion to adjourn by Paula. Seconded by Bridget. No discussion.

††††††††††† Motion passed.




Paula Tremblay- acting secretary


Next Meeting: Monday September 14, 2020 @ 7 pm Paulaís house