Franklin Recreation Meeting August 28, 2018



Participants: Bridget Thompson, Bridgette Favreau, Stacy Godin, Stephanie Ho, Paula Tremblay



Bridget called the meeting to order at 8:41 a.m..



Public Comment

        Rusty Gregory is willing to help Franklin Recreation design a website. Bridgette will talk to him about website goals (online registration, payments, calendar of events) and invite him to attend a meeting in September. There is money budgeted for a website.

        Jess Alexant donated $20 to the Recreation Department. He is interested in marking out a cross country ski trail in the winter and is willing to help with the construction of a storage shed.

        Bridget spoke with Shawn Rouleau and he is still planning to provide a quote on building a storage shed.



Approve Meeting Minutes

Bridget motioned to approve the meeting minutes from August 7. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



Treasurerís Report

The following warrants were signed:

        $106.89 for the port-o-let and zip ties

        $565 to Kathy Rouleau for Camp Discover

        $250 for bounce house for Community Dinner


A total of $195 has been collected for soccer registrations.


Stephanie motioned to approve this report. Bridget seconded. The motion passed.



Library Report

Summer Reading Program results:

        Charlotte Kennedy won the bike for the summer reading raffle.

        Gavin Kane won a magazine subscription.

        The County Courier will be writing an articleand taking a picture of the winners.

        One goal of the reading program for next year is to work with the PTO and Recreation Department to give away either abike or tackle box earlier in the summer and to give away a Kindle at the end of the summer.


The Haston Library donated $50 to Farm to Table dinner.


The Haston Library has hired a new Librarian, Molly McGinty. She has her Masters in Library Science and a background in recreation and childrenís theater.



Action Items

The actions items, including a list of annual activities were reviewed and updated.

A meeting of other community boards will be planned by Franklin Recreation and is tentatively scheduled for September 24.



Little League

Field Updates: The fieldwork on August 9th was productive. Work on the dugouts will be completed throughout the fall.

NWLL Board Representative Voting: Elections were discussed at the most recent meeting and are tentatively scheduled for September 24th.Anyone interested in having their name on the ballot should send their name to Jeff Raleigh by September 17th.




        Registrations for itty bitty - grade 4 are due September 5.

        The 5/6 team has began practices.

        Fields need to be finished.

        A coaches meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 10.

        Preparation of soccer coach binders will be completed by the Recreation Board and Recreation Director on September 7 and distributed at the coaches meeting.




Franklin Recreation was not awarded money from the 100 Womenís Club.Bridget will reach out to Miracle about the swingset and ask about installation requirements.



Summer Programming

Community Dinner: The community dinner was attended by approximately 120 community members. All enjoyed their time. Franklin Recreation will continue to support this activity.

Paint and Sip:Stacy and Stephanie met with Due North to discuss the upcoming Paint and Sip, which is tentatively scheduled for September 14.A flyer will be published within the next couple weeks. The Recreation Board will be preparing for this event on September 7th.



Fall Programming

Fun Run: Franklin Recreation is planning a Glow Run, tentatively scheduled for October 12.This event will take place on the athletic fields and will have a kids run and a team option. Pre-registration will include the option to purchase a t-shirt. Details will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Trunk or Treat: Tentatively scheduled for October 26. Local businesses will be asked to participate. Details will be further discussed at the next meeting.



The meeting was adjourned at 11:06 a.m..



The next meeting willbe on Monday, September 10 at 7:00 p.m. at the Franklin Central School Library.