Franklin Recreation Meeting April 23, 2018



Participants: Bridget Thompson, Stephanie Ho, Stacy Godin, Dawn Fournier, Paula Tremblay, Annie Wagner


Bridget called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m..



Public Comment

Paula suggested a Red, White, Blue and Sparkles Color Run for the 4th of July weekend.



Approve Meeting Minutes

Bridget motioned to approve the meeting minutes from both April 9 and April 12. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



Treasurerís Report

Warrants signed.Treasurer was not present to give a further report.



Recreation Directorís Report

Nothing to report that is not already on the agenda.



Action Item Review

Postponed until the next meeting.



Little League

The field cleanup day was cancelled due to weather and all fields need work before games begin and the outfield fence needs to go up for the softball field.A garbage can is needed at the tball field. Members of the Rec Department will try to work on the afternoon of April 30.


Discussion about first aid kits, Annie is happy to order supplies if needed. Should first aid kits include Tick removers?


Discussion about equipment, umpires and lining fields.


Throw/Hit/Run BBQ at end of season. Tentative date of June 10.


Stacy submitted the RiseVT grant for new playground equipment at the ball fields.A response is expected by May 10


Johanna Godin belongs to a nonprofit club that gives out $5000 4x/year, she is going to ask for it to be awarded to Franklin Recreation for a storage building.††


Need to follow up with Shawn Rouleau and get a quote/timeline for the storagebuilding to time applications for the Home Depot and/or Lowes Grants.


The businesses that have sponsored Franklin Recreation will be assigned to the following teams; the remainder will sponsor soccer and/or basketball:

        Tball - CCR/McCuins

        Boys Farm - SnapOn

        Girls Farm - Jolley

        Boys Minors - Blouin Bros

        Girls Minors - AM Auto

        Boys Majors - A Davis (boys names on backs - custom sponsorship)

        Girls Majors - Harvest Equipment


Harvest equipment needs a banner.Discussion about Cold Hollow and what they offer in lieu of sponsorship (10% of picture sales, plaques for sponsors).



Summer Programming

Franklin Recreation will do the Lake Monster Ticket Fundraiser again this year.Perhaps include the whole school.

The following ideas were discussed:

        Camp Discover - Run by Kathy Rouleau, July 30-Aug 3. This has been advertised, but participation is currently low.

        Youth Field Hockey- Looking for coach. .

        Youth Soccer - Looking for coach.

        Youth Baseball - Looking for coach.

        Kids Cooking Camp - Annie Wagner is planning with the Farm to School Program.

        Running club - Bridget will organize and run,Paula will help.

        Adult Co-ed Softball - Once per week, pick up style games.Bridget will advertise on Franklin Recreationís Facebook page

        Bus to Barn Dance - Will depend on availability and Barn Dance schedule.

        Granby Zoo - A date will be selected to offer a group rate.No transportation will be provided.

        Paint and Sip - Stephanie is working with Due North.

        Triathlon/Fun Run/Color Run - Would like to work with the LCCA on this. Bridget has sent them an email.

        Stargazing - With the Vermont Astronomical Society. Set up through the Haston Library.††

        Community Dinner - August 27. Old Man Garage Band will play music.

        Kayaking - reach out to Carolyn Kittell to see if she can help with this.

        Something active for the Homestead residents. Walking,TaiChi, cooking class, dance class, gardening?


Paula suggested a mobile story hour with a book wagon during camps for siblings of participants.


Discussion about offering Babysitting course.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:52 p.m..



The next meeting willbe on Monday, May at 7:00 p.m. at the Franklin Central School.