Franklin Recreation Meeting April 20, 2020


Participants: Bridget Thompson, Bridgette Favreau, Stephanie Ho, Stacy Godin, Paula Tremblay, Dawn Fournier, Peter Magnant


Bridget called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m..


Public Comment

       Peter asked for an update on Franklin Rec activities. Bridget provided a quick update.

       Stacy suggested a virtual paint and sip.


Library Updates

       Paula provided an update on the reading incentive, which is currently ongoing.

       The drawing will likely coincide with the last day of school, but the format is undecided at this time.

       Three bikes have been donated as prizes

       Two fishing poles have been donated as prizes..

       Stacy motioned Franklin Rec to donate a fishing pole as a prize. Bridget seconded. The motion passed.


Approve Meeting Minutes

       Bridget motioned to approve the meeting minutes from March 9. Bridgette seconded. The motion passed.


Treasurerís Report

       There were no bills to approve.

       The Little League fund is high because registration fees have been collected, but no money has been spent for this season.

Bridget motioned to approve this report. Stacy seconded. The motion passed.



       Some sponsorship letters were sent, but there have been no responses. All sponsorship requests will be on hold for the time being.

       Franklin Rec doesnít qualify for many grants since it is not classified as a 501(c)(3).Stacy found one that looked like a good fit.



Due North Paint and Sip: On hold for the time being.

Chase Around the Lake: This event has been cancelled for 2020.

Summer Running Program: Paula suggested a virtual run/walk/scavenger hunt for families.

Memorial Day: Bridget to contact Brenna (Franklin Alumni Association).


Little League:

       There is no update from Little League on the 2020 season other than that they still hope to hold their tournaments. Jeff (Northwest Little League president) has a meeting on April 24, hopefully there will be more information after that.

       One t-ball parent moved her child to Highgate LL. Bridget will ask Lisa to provide a refund to the family for the registration fee paid to Franklin Rec..

       If the 2020 season is cancelled, families will be refunded their registration fees.

       Inventory will be completed and the fields will be prepared for play.

       Discussion about the girls majors team: Franklin and Highgate both have low numbers, perhaps the teams can be combined.

Field Work: Basic spring preparation of the fields is needed. The baseball field still needs a mound and the new bases to complete the updates began in the fall. Dawn will put the port-o-let on hold.††


The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 p.m..


The next meeting willbe on Monday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.