Franklin Planning Commission

September 15, 2020

Franklin Town Office


Members Present:  Dave Bennion, Sam Gervais, Dan Larivee, Rolland Rainville, Peter Kittell


Members Absent: Clark Hubbard


Meeting called to order at: Sam called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm


Approval of Minutes: No August meeting.  Meeting of May 2020 was the last meeting; Dan L/Dave B made a motion to approve; all members approve, motion passed.


Old Business:  No old business 


New Business:  The PC discussed ZA report.  Dave discussed the ZBA hearings that were happening and they were not aware.  Town Clerk is now sending the notices to the board as well.  Peter discussed the Conservation district boundary and feels it is not correct off of North Sheldon Rd.  Needs to be looked at further.  How to correct the lines, would have to be remapped by the board for the zoning regulations.  Peter made the request to change the maps 10 years ago and it was not done.  Sam will inquire about the maps for the next meeting and getting the districts reviewed and changed in the regulations for the future. 

            Sam discussed the properties that are requesting year-round conversion from seasonal use with the ZBA.  Who has the say on these changes?  Discussed the regulations and what is needed to convert to year-round.  The septic system, potable water, parking, emergency access, lot size.  There was a change made in the regulations when they were last updated regarding these conversions.  The leases also had to be allowed as year-round not just seasonal leases, or had to be changed to allow the use.  The ZBA is the final say on conversions but input from the boards is always welcome. 

            Sam stated the board would like to know of all permits before-hand.  Dave states if the permits fit the regulations Wendy, ZA is allowed to approve the permit.  Only if a ZBA hearing is necessary does the board get notice.

            Town of Franklin Declaration of Inclusion discussion.  Sam read aloud.  Dan feels it is very well said, will there be a meeting of the public.  Dave-the board discussed and wanted the town boards to have input or objections to the statement.  We just want to make a statement about being a nice place, as the town’s position.  


Dave B/Dan L made a motion to adjourn; meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.


The next regular meeting of the Franklin Planning Commission will be held on

Tuesday, October 20, 2020.  Location and time TBA.


Respectfully Submitted

September 18, 2020

Lisa Larivee, Acting Secretary