Franklin Planning Commission

October 15, 2019

Town Clerk’s Office


Members Present:  Dave Bennion, Rolland Rainville, Clark Hubbard, Dan Larivee, Maureen Sodaro (Secretary)

Guests: None


Meeting Called to Order at: 7:38 pm

Approval of Minutes:  Dave moved to approve the minutes, Dan seconded the motion.  All approved the September 2019 minutes.


Old Business:  Meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The PC has been discussing camps on Lake Carmi.  The work has been on discussing the conversion from seasonal to year round. 


New Business:  There will be a meeting between the Selectboard, Zoning Administrator, ZBA, and Planning Commission on October 26, 9:00 am.  The meeting will be held in the Homestead Dining room at the Franklin Homestead.  Everyone on Hill Road (landowners and renters) have been sent out letters regarding the zoning violations.  Dave said that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the issue regarding seasonal and year round occupancy.  Hopefully a decision can be made that will rectify the issue. 


The PC has been discussing the following points to bring to that meeting:

*If the camp is on leased land and if the lease states seasonal, the lease needs updating in order for conversion to year round to happen.  The lease will need to state year round or be open. 

*If the lease states year round, or is open, the PC wants to see 2 off road parking spots, state approved septic and potable water.

*The town is not liable to plow private roads, or provide bussing along the private road.   The PC cannot speak for the Fire Department. 

*If the camp meets the criteria regarding septic and potable water, a variance can be requested on lot size and location only.  If septic and potable water systems do not meet state standards, a variance cannot be requested. 

The definition in the town regulations of seasonal states that seasonal occupancy cannot exceed 180 days occupancy per year. 

There was also discussion as to the responsibility regarding violations. 


            At the last meeting, there were questions regarding setbacks. The PC feels that as long as the current camp potable water and septic is built to meet state standards, and met setbacks, there is no issue.  If new camp is being built as year round it would have to meet setback, septic and potable water guidelines.  If the state approves lot size, for year round, the PC has no issue.  It is also permissible to share a well and septic system as long as such systems are approved by the state(most recent regulations).  Dan asked about treated septic systems.  If a current septic system fails, and has to be dug up, the state must approve the new system.  If a system needs to be repaired (new tank needed), a repair can be done.  Rolland asked about pump stations, and Clark said that the state would not approve such a system.   

            Clark made a motion to approve the information to be brought to upcoming group meeting.  Dave seconded the motion.  All approved. 




Franklin Planning Commission

October 15, 2019

Franklin Town Clerk office



Clark moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20. Dave seconded the motion.  All approved the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm


The next regular meeting of the Franklin Planning Commission will be held on November 19, in the Town Clerk’s office at 7:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Sodaro, Secretary

October 15, 2019

Minutes are not final until approved at the next regular meeting.