Franklin Planning Commission

May 19, 2020

Town Clerk’s Office


Members Present: Clark Hubbard, Dave Bennion, Sam Gervais, Dan Larivee,

Maureen Sodaro (Secretary)

Members Absent:  Rolland Rainville, Peter Kittell, Bob Irish

Meeting called to order at: 7:00 pm

Approval of Minutes:  Dan made a motion to approve the February minutes, and Clark seconded the motion.  All approved the minutes.   There were no minutes in March as there was no quorum for a meeting.  The April meeting was canceled due to Covid-19 regulations that were put in place. 

**This meeting is being held via ZOOM as a precaution due to Covid-19.


Old Business:  The PC reviewed the information provided by the ZA regarding the occupied camper in town.  The occupants stated to the ZA that they are living in the camper due to damage to furnace from a flooded basement.  The occupants will apply for a Temporary Structure Permit every 6 months or until they can return to their main residence.  The camper is located on the same property as the house.  Dave will keep in touch with the ZA regarding this issue. 

The PC had previously requested a summary of permits that go through the ZA.  The ZA provided a summary of March permits which the PC reviewed. 


New Business: Dave provided information he has gathered regarding the Dick Wright property which may or may not be suitable for future town offices.  Dan wondered whether or not the town could afford the building since one of the expenses the town will be facing is the purchase of a new town truck.  Also in question are future expenses as a result of Covid-19.  Dan also asked if Dave knew the asking price of the property.  Dave stated that he and Kevin did not discuss the price.  Dave did say that the current town offices are too small for meetings, and that the safe is overloaded with documents. It does not meet regulations at this time.  He also said that the current building is a registered historical building and will continue to house the library.  The Historical Society would be interested in returning to the downstairs space.  Sam stated that he is in favor of the idea, but is concerned about the cost of getting the building up to code.  The building is a former auto repair and maintenance garage.  Sam wondered if any chemicals would have leached below the building. 

Dave said that the electrical capacity would be sufficient to meet future needs. 

Clark said that the building is in a good location, and that other buyers would be interested in the property.  Dave said the Selectboard would be discussing the issue further at their meeting on May 20. 


Sam spoke about a camper that is located at Vic’s Crossing.  The camper has a deck built to the camper.  The camper has not been moved as stated in regulations (every 6 months).  The PC feels if the camper is designated as a camp, the owner should be taxed as such.  The issue will be investigated further. 


As there were no other concerns, Dave moved to adjourn the meeting.  Dan seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. 

The next regular meeting of the PC will be held at 7:00 pm on June 16, 2020.  It was not determined whether the meeting will occur via ZOOM, or be held in the Town Clerk’s office.   


Respectfully Submitted,

Maureen Sodaro, Secretary

May 20, 2020

Minutes are not final until approved at the next regular meeting.