Tuesday, March 20, 2018



Members Present: Clark Hubbard, Dan Larivee, David Bennion, Rolland Rainville, Peter Kittell, Cyrus Grennon and Jordy Fraties.


Guests: Michael Gervais


Meeting called to order at: Meeting was called to order by Clark Hubbard at 7:39 pm.


New Business:  Michael Gervais was present to represent Keene Yandow regarding a subdivision on Kendall Road; Donald Kennedy is no longer a part of this subdivision/boundary line adjustment.  Keene purchased 46 acres to subdivide into six building lots.  The extra lot to be set aside if Kennedy wants to purchase at a later date; will be seven lots total. Mike reviewed the lots, all for single family homes except for the seventh lot.  Mike reviewed the septic isolation distances and the well isolations to the abutters.  Drilled wells cannot be drilled within 200 ft of the mound system.  Septic mound toe setback is the minimum 10 ft from the boundary line.  The isolation/shadowing onto the Larivee property is 80ft deep by 300ft long; so they cannot drill a well within the area, but a septic can be installed and a house built.   Clark reviewed zoning bylaws and requirements for multiple lot subdivisions.  Corrections need to be made to update the maps.  Concerns were discussed with the pumping of septic that distance onto another lot and the easements for such.  Clark discussed the need for storm water drainage and proper ditching to prevent washing out the town road with the excess water runoff.  Need to consider wide driveways at the main road for school bus turn-arounds.  The shared ROW will have a road maintenance agreement for the homes that use them.  Mike will bring large maps to the next meeting for final review. 


·        ROW approval/Corey Rd:  The original deed had a ROW easement that was approved by the PC in the past.  Discussed the ROW and the ownership of it and the continued use of the ROW by the current owners.  The board is tabling the decision; need to know why the ROW was removed from the most current deed transfer.  If the ROW is entirely on Amy Corey-Harrison’s land there is not a problem, but is there another property owner that this is serving.  Need more information before approving. 


Old Business: Clark discussed the enhanced energy plans that were updated; the board approves the changes.  Clark Hubbard/Peter Kittell made a motion that if all the requirements were met with the changes to the energy enhancement policies on page 7 and 8, chapter 9 and table 15.1, page 87 and 88 that it would be accepted into the town plan.  All members voted, Jordy abstained, motion passed.  The approved town plan will be forwarded to the Selectboard for a public hearing of the voters and adoption.


Election of officers:  discussed the appointment to the regional planning commission board; need a member as David Bennion has stepped down. 

·        Chairman: Peter Kittell/Dan Larivee motion to elect Clark Hubbard.  All approved

·        Vice-chair: Dan Larivee/Peter Kittell motion to elect David Bennion. All approved 


Approval of Minutes: No


Comments: Cyrus asked about the fix of the road on VT Rte 120, this is a state road.  Rolland states the Lake Carmi State Park is putting in a large septic system, why is the Town not notified? He has a map of the Franklin Watershed but the state park bog is not on this map; he feels it should be on the map of the watershed.  Discussed the watershed maps and the properties that are shown on the map; camps, farms, state park land.  The Planning Commission recognized Joyce Hakey, Franklin Central School principal, on her recent award, its well deserved.


Motion to Adjourn:

Clark/Dan made the motion to adjourn the meeting, all members in favor, meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.


The next regular meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on April 17, 2018 in the Homestead Dining Room.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Acting Secretary

March 27, 2018


Minutes are not final until approved by the Planning Commission at the next regular meeting.   Approved at the April 24, 2018 Planning Commission meeting.