Franklin Planning Commission

Franklin Town Clerk’s Office and ZOOM

December 15, 2020


Members Present: Maureen Sodaro, Secretary (via ZOOM), Sam Gervais, Dan Larivee,

Dave Bennion (via ZOOM), Peter Kittell


Members Absent: Rolland Rainville, Bob Irish, Clark Hubbard

Guests: Marcel Tougas, James Messier, Ronna Messier, Raymond Gagner, Cindy Shedrick, Stephen Tetreault


Meeting called to order at: 7:01 pm


Approval of old minutes: Dave made a motion to approve the November 24, 2020 minutes. Dan seconded the motion, all approved. 


Old Business:  The PC reviewed the Messier Sketch Plan.  Dan asked if the Messier neighbors were informed of the design.  James said that they were.  Sam has the receipt of the certified letters that were sent to Marybeth Barnum, and Eric Bushey.  There does not appear to be concerns regarding the neighboring wells.  Dan and Peter expressed concerns regarding the road frontage.  The issue is whether the PC would approve the plan as is, or add the needed 21 feet of frontage from Jim’s own lot. James advised the PC to speak to the ZBA as road frontage of 85 feet was approved last week on a preexisting lot.  Such approval is not up to the PC, as it is a single lot, not a three lot subdivision.  Sam wondered whether or not approval would set a precedent.   James said that they are ready to pull the plug if the three lot is not approved.  Marcel asked if a variance could be obtained.  Dan again asked if there was any way to get the extra length from the homestead to meet the road frontage.  James replied that the added expense would be something he is not willing to handle.  When asked why he went ahead with the plan as it is, James replied that he asked an individual for an opinion regarding the plan, and the individual said that the plan would be okay.  Had he known the advice was not worthwhile, he would not have gone forward with the plan. The discussion continued of ways to obtain the needed 21 feet. 

Peter made a motion to approve the plan, seconded by Dave.  Dave voted to approve the motion.  The rest of the PC members voted against the motion. 

Sam said to Marcel and James that once the PC sees the plan with 140 feet of road frontage on all three lots the plan would be approved. 

Ronna commented that if they change a lot to meet the road frontage issue, the state would have to approve the new plan.  Sam advised they speak to Mr. Hango regarding the issue.  The PC is willing to have a special meeting to approve the plan once the road frontage issue is resolved.  The Messiers left the meeting at 7:30 pm.


New Business: Cindy Shedrick is looking to put 3 one bedroom cabins/camps on her existing 3 acres on Titemorewoods roads Road.  She has approval for a three bedroom house, but is wondering if a conditional use would be needed in order to put up three one bedroom cabins/camps instead.   There is an existing foundation and a garage as a house was once on the lot.  The house had burned two and a half years ago.  There has been a camper set up over the last few years.  Dan wondered if the state would require three separate septic systems.   Stephen, Cindy’s current designer, and said that a reserve/ replacement system would have to be provided if the current septic fails.  It was determined that the current system was designed by an engineer several years ago.    Dan also asked about roads to the cabins/camps.  Stephen said that has not been worked out yet.  Cindy has a right of way for the three acres. 

Stephen wondered if all three camps could be built on one lot, rather than subdivide.  The PC reviewed the plan, and wondered if each lot would have an acre.  Cindy said that they are planning on three buildings on the one three acre lot.  Peter inquired on the plan for use of the cabins.  Cindy said

she would rent the cabins for short term use throughout the year.  The PC said that if they are going to be used for year round use,(on and off)  they should be on separate lots.   

The PC would like time to research the plan before making a decision.  Cindy is willing to wait for

pre-approval before bringing the plan to the state.  Sam will email Cindy when the PC is ready to discuss the plan again.  Cindy, Raymond and Stephen left the meeting at 7:50 pm.


The PC reviewed the Zoning Administrator report. Sam asked about whether the individual is still living in his trailer, Dave said two or three days a week.  It was not determined if that individual is filing requested paperwork.


Sam is putting forth the same budget as the current budget for Town Meeting.  Dan moved to approved the budget.  Peter seconded the motion. All approved the budget.  


Sam would like to have the PC think about how the PC can work both more efficiently and effectively.  He would like the PC members be prepared to discuss that at the January meeting. 


Public comments: No comments


Mail: No mail


Concerns of members or community: No concerns.


Dan made motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Dave. All members approved the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm. 


The next regular meeting of the Franklin Planning Commission will be held at 7:00pm on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  Location TBA.


Respectfully Submitted,

December 16, 2020

Maureen Sodaro, Secretary