Tuesday, April 24, 2018



Members Present: Clark Hubbard, Dan Larivee, David Bennion, Rolland Rainville, Peter Kittell, Cyrus Grennon (entered at 8:05) and Jordy Fraties.


Guests: Michael Gervais, Zel & Lisa Larivee, Anthony Larivee


Meeting called to order at: Meeting was called to order by Clark Hubbard at 7:35 pm.


Approval of Minutes:  Dan Larivee/Dave Bennion made a motion to approve the minutes of March 20 as written.  All members in favor, motion passed.


New Business:  Michael Gervais was present to represent Keene Yandow regarding a subdivision on Kendall Road.  Clark advised we will revisit the sketch plan review and approve the final plans.  Keene purchased 46 acres to subdivide into six building lots and one lot of 1.47 acres to be vacant/deferred; will be seven lots total. Mike reviewed the plans with changes made as requested by the PC at the March meeting. The acreages were changed on a few lots to leave the large lot with 27.1 acres in case they want to put it into current use. Added driveway pull-offs and cul-de-sacs for emergency/fire truck access.  Wider entrances of the driveways off of Kendall Rd for school bus turn arounds for 35 ft long and upsized culverts to 24 inches along the road.  Drainage ditches were reviewed for erosion control and runoff to maintain as much green swale space as possible or stone lined if needed for larger slopes.  Driveway cross culverts will be 15 inches.  The septic systems have all been pushed back more than 100 ft from abutting property lines, does not shadow on other properties now.  Clark reviewed the checklist in the development/subdivision regulations to be sure all items have been met.  Certified letters have been sent to abutters and receipts given to the town clerk notifying of this hearing.  All items have been met with the following conditions; the need for a mylar with the site location plan updated to remove the Kennedy lot; driveway access permits applied for, and deeds for the individual lots to be recorded.  Mike advised the plan is to build the upper three houses first and the driveway that corresponds; once sold they will move to complete the other houses.  Rolland asked if the land needed to be rezoned for residential development, Lisa, Town Clerk, advised it is in the Residential/Ag district, so no, it is fine.  Clark Hubbard/Dave Bennion makes a motion to approve the final plot review with the above stated conditions; updated mylar with picture of vacant lot changed, deeds written, driveway access permits acquired.  All members voted in favor, motion passed unanimously for the final plot plan.  Town Clerk will advise Clark when all items are received in the office.   


Old Business: Town Plan-Clark asked if the Selectboard had reviewed and was in approval of the updated town plan and energy plan.  Dave advised they had not, but will get it reviewed at the next meeting.  Discussed the spring on Rolland Rainville’s land that is the backup spring.  Rolland does not believe it can be used or is drinkable for the public.  The isolation area was discussed and felt it should not be part of the town plan and should be part of the water district rules.  Need to have a public hearing to adopt the town plan, need to move forward with this and will handle the water issue at a later date. 


Comments: Clark advised of the zoning workshop in May if any members were interested in attending. 


Motion to Adjourn:

Clark/Dan made the motion to adjourn the meeting, all members in favor, meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


The next regular meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on May 15, 2018 in the Homestead Dining Room.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Larivee, Acting Secretary

May 1, 2018


Minutes are not final until approved by the Planning Commission at the next regular meeting.