Town of Franklin

Tax Abatement Meeting

December 6, 2017


Present:Lisa Larivee, Yvon Dandurand, Andy Godin, George Godin, Ed Rainville, Kim Gates Maynard, Sara Rainville, Dan Clark, Peter Magnant.


Guests:Kevin Russin


Lisa Larivee, Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.


Kim Gates Maynard/Dan Clark made a motion to appoint Lisa Larivee as chair.No other nominations.All members voted in favor of Lisa Larivee for chair.


Lisa welcomed Kevin Russin and asked for him to explain his case.Mr. Russin advised he does not have power at his property on Hanna Rd due to Vermont Electric Coop (VEC) power lines that run through the middle of this property.This is a prime 20 acre lot with 175 ft of road frontage that he cannot use about ľ acres due to the power lines/poles that run through it.When he installed his trailer he had to set back 150 feet from the road due to the lines.†† He has lost about 150 ft long and 50 ft wide of usable land.Spoke with an attorney and was advised that VEC has eminent domain over the property and there is nothing he can do.The lines were upgraded/set in 1993 without permission of the Russinís.VEC wants to charge for a new poll and transformer due to the distance off the road to get power.Mr. Russin wants a tax break on his lot as this hinders development.This lot is a part of the entire lot of Cecile Russin.Lisa advised that this request does not meet any of the abatement criteria by statutes.Mr. Russin was advised to meet with the listers at grievance in the spring of 2018 to discuss his property value.†† Mr. Russin exited the meeting.


Lisa stated Johanna Godin, Delinquent Tax Collector, could not be present but submitted her request for abatement.Johanna advised she had a Millpond camper, owner A J Robtoy, parcel id# 973, that has not paid taxes from 2010 through 2017 in the amount of $790.60. She spoke with Laura Capsey at Millpond and they have not been paid lot rent for going on three years as well and they have abandoned the property.Millpond owners are removing the old camper from the sight and disposing of it as it has not value.Kim/Sara made a motion to abate the amount of $790.60 including interest and penalty for parcel id # 973 as it is uncollectable and has no value, as abandoned.Voice vote taken, All in favor, motion passed and abated.


Johanna Godin presented the property of Geraldine Lyman and Terry Roy, parcel id #861.This is a camp property at 66 Elmwood Rd on a leased lot of Ted Meunier.Terry has passed away a few years ago.Geraldine is elderly and lives in FL.We have had no contact with anyone in some time regarding this property.A tax sale was held on the property in the spring of 2017, with no bidders on the property.All correspondence from the Delinquent tax collector have been returned as undeliverable.Lisa will speak with Ted Meunier regarding his lease on this lot and taking is back over or merging back into his home lot.Decision tabled on this parcel until later date.


Larry Titemore has submitted a written request for abatement on parcel id #227 located on Patton Shore Rd.The home was destroyed by fire on June 12, 2017.The assessed value of the home was 74,148 with taxes of $1409.78.The loss of use was for 292 days at a rate of $3.86/day; the loss of value for the taxes due is $1127.12.George/Sara made a motion to abate the taxes in the amount of $1127.12 for the loss due to fire based on criteria #5 of the abatement statutes.


Peter/Dan move to adjourn at 6:48 pm.All voted in favor to adjourn meeting.



Submitted by

Lisa Larivee, Chair

December 11, 2017