Town of Franklin Selectboard Rules of Procedures



I. PURPOSE:  The selectboard of the Town of Franklin is required by law to conduct its meetings in             accordance with the Vermont Open Meeting Law.  1 V.S.A. §310-314.  Meetings of the selectboard          of the Town of Franklin must be open to the public at all times, except as provided in 1 V.S.A. § 313.            At such meetings, the public must be afforded reasonable opportunity to give its opinion on matters          considered by the selectboard so long as order is maintained.  Such public comment is subject to the          reasonable rules established by the chair of the selectboard.  1 V.S.A. § 312 (g). 


II. APPLICATION:  This policy setting forth rules of procedure for selectboard meetings shall apply to all regular, special, and emergency meetings for the Town of Franklin selectboard.



            1. The chair of the selectboard, or in the chair’s absence, the vice-chair, shall chair all selectboard meetings.  If both the chair and the vice-chair are absent, a member selected by the board shall     chair the meeting.


            2. The chair shall rule on all questions of order or procedure and shall enforce these rules as required     by 1. V.S.A. § 312(h).


            3.  A majority of the members of the selectboard shall constitute a quorum.  If a quorum of the  members of the selectboard is not present at a meeting, the only action that may be considered by      the selectboard is a motion to recess or adjourn the meeting.


            4.  At the beginning of each selectboard meeting, there shall be five minutes afforded for open public comment.  By majority vote, the selectboard may increase the time for open public comment and            may adjust the agenda items and times accordingly.


            5.  Each selectboard meeting shall have an agenda, with time allotted for each item of business to be considered by the selectboard.  Those who wish to be added to the meeting agenda shall contact      the selectboard chair or town clerk to request inclusion on the agenda.  The selectboard chair shall determine the final content of the agenda.


            6.  All business shall be conducted in the same order as it appears on the agenda, except that by unanimous vote of the selectboard, the order of items to be considered and/or the time allotted           may be modified.


            7.  Public comment on issues discussed by the selectboard, if not offered during the open public  comment period, may be offered during the meeting with the permission of the chair.  Such comment, if permitted, shall be limited to three minutes unless by majority vote, the selectboard sets a different time limit.


            8.  Meeting may be recessed to a time and place certain.


            9. Audio and/or videotaping of a selectboard meeting of the Town of Franklin is permitted if requested.  A copy of the video and/or audio recording must be provided to the Town of Franklin                 for public record.


            10. Personal attacks or vial language will not be tolerated at the Town of Franklin selectboard meetings.


            11.  These rules shall be made available at all meetings, and procedures for public comment shall be reviewed at the beginning of all meetings.


            12.  These rules may be amended by unanimous vote of the selectboard, and must be readopted annually at the organizational meeting.


March 20, 2019