Selectboard Appointments/Compensation 2019


Zoning Administrator Robert Irish $35/Permit & $.58/Mile

Water Commission-3 yr terms Marshall Ploof 2021

July Brooks Sturtevant 2022

Mike Lawyer 2020

Planning Commission Rolland Rainville 2022

All 3-Year Terms Dave Bennion 2022

Cyrus Grennon 2022

*Clark E Hubbard 2020 *4-Year Term

Peter Kittell 2020

Dan Larivee 2021

Jordy Fraties 2021

Board of Adjustment Wesley Kempton 2022

3 year terms James Pivorotto 2022

Paulette Tatro 2020

Polly Gadbois 2021

Vacant 2021


Recreation Board Bridget Thompson 2020

3 year terms Bridgette Favreau 2020

Stephanie Ho 2020

Stacey Godin 2019 - July

Vacant 2019 - July


Animal Control Officer Dennis Demar $25/Hr w/2hr min. & $.58/mile


Tree & Fire Warden Burton Maynard

Health Officer (3/31/21) Chris Ferland $750/Yr. & $.58/mile

Keeper of Street Lights Donald Gates

Keeper of Town Clock Dave Bennion

Town Service Officer Polly Gadbois

Emergency Mgmt Coordinator Mark Toof

E911 Coordinator Sara Rainville

Constable Burton Maynard $100/Yr. & $.58/mile

Energy Committee member Vacant

Northwest Regional Planning Members Yvon Dandurand/Wesley Kempton

T.A.C. member Peter Magnant

Northwest Solid Waste member Vacant

Clean Water Advisory Committee (CWAC) Yvon Dandurand


Election Workers/Town Meeting $50/Day


Town Hall Rental $10/hr for profit groups

$50 fee for non-profit/residents with

large group events. See agreement

Town Officers Meeting Town pays fee & $.58/mile


Listers $10.78/Hour

Auditors $10.78 /Hour

SB Minutes Clerk $12.00/hr


Mileage Paid at the January first IRS published rate yearly